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[News] Gates Foundry Quits India and Leaves Government to Pay for US Patents

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Bill Gates Foundation ‘uninstalling’ its Program from India: Clean but there
will be Major System Failures

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates has held up signs that clearly indicate the end of Avahan, but has 
| promised funding for other health problems. But the end will not happen 
| without supplementing an addition of 80-million-dollar cash into the program 
| to “sustain” it as if the initial $258 millions were rendered without 
| thinking of sustainability. Now the total 338-million-dollar question is: 
| Will this elephantine set-up, which has emerged knowingly or unknowingly, as 
| a result of the Foundation’s generous donations, really “sustain” when even 
| the Indian Government is refusing to take it over due to its high cost 
| implications?        



JJB Sports jumps as Bill Gates buys a stake

,----[ Quote ]
| The purchase is not the first by Gates in a small British retailer. In May
| 2008, he took a small stake in Carpetright.


Journal critique on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant pattern

,----[ Quote ]
| New Delhi: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s pattern of funding in the
| form of grants for global health programmes and projects has been criticised
| in a research paper in The Lancet.
| The paper, by David McCoy of the Centre for International Health and
| Development, London, and others, is accompanied by a commentary by Robert E.
| Black of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, U.S., and
| others, and an editorial. Dr. M.K. Bhan, Secretary, Department of
| Biotechnology, is a co-author of the commentary in his capacity as a
| scientist of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
| “Although it is driven by the belief that ‘all lives have equal value,’ it
| seems that the Foundation does not believe that every voice has equal value,
| especially voices from those it seeks most to assist,” said the editorial.
| The commentary said very limited direct funding to low-income and
| middle-income countries is “arguably the most unfortunate imbalance in the
| research portfolio of the Foundation.”
| [...]
| “Gates Foundation is not a passive donor,” observes the paper.
| “The Foundation actively engages in policy making and agenda setting
| activities; it has representatives that sit on the governing structures of
| many global health partnerships; it is part of a self-appointed group of
| global health leaders known as the H8 [that includes the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI
| and the World Bank]… and has been involved in setting the health agenda for
| the G8.”



Dr. Rath rages against Bill Gates and the African Aids Conspiracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Since it is public knowledge that the Gates Foundation has placed strategic
| investments into the pharmaceutical industry, it was only a question of time
| until the question would be answered whether Gates is serious about
| controlling diseases or whether he is just another spin doctor of the
| pharmaceutical “business with disease” who helps to expand and promote
| diseases under the deceptive veil of a “Mother Theresa”.


What You Need to Know About the Fraudulent Nature of the Pharmaceutical
Investment Business With Disease

,----[ Quote ]
| Some people may say that the pharmaceutical industry cannot be that bad.
| Unfortunately, it is. Fortunately, however, it is very easy for everyone to
| understand why this industry has such a detrimental effect on millions of
| human lives.
| It is not about individual drugs or individual companies. It is about the
| principles – the laws – of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’.


Gates raises stake in dealership AutoNation

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates, who previously reported a 5.5 percent stake in AutoNation, said on
| Friday that his Cascade Investment LLC owned 9.4 million shares in AutoNation
| and that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust holds more than 8.3
| million shares.


Spying the Gates Foundation: Diversified Holdings Stay Ahead of Market Weakness

,----[ Quote ]
| The foundation made moves in other sectors during Q3, as well, adding shares
| in Caterpillar and Canadian National Railway, while maintaining
| stakes in energy giants Exxon Mobil and BP.
`----       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Gates Foundation’s Influence Criticized

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief of malaria for the World Health Organization has complained that
| the growing dominance of malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation risks stifling a diversity of views among scientists and wiping
| out the world health agency’s policy-making function.  


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed Part 2


Gates Foundation reports AIG, Covidien stakes-filing

,----[ Quote ]
| The overall value of the foundation's portfolio increased to $9.12 billion
| from $6.64 billion as of June 30.


Warren Buffett's double standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Warren Buffett climbed back up Capitol Hill Wednesday to urge Congress to ...
| do nothing.
| Normally that would be a good thing, but in this case it means that the
| estate tax will return in 2011.  


Gates sold 100,000 Univision shares-SEC filing

,----[ Quote ]
| The foundation said it sold its remaining stake in Univision,
| which is in the process of being acquired by private investors,
| for an average of $35.34 per share in open market transactions.


Bill Gates lends cash to buy newspapers

$350 million to MediaNews

,----[ Quote ]
| Gates involvement has been very behind the scenes. In fact many of
| those involved in the deal didn'teven know he was one of the investors.
| It was carried out through the Gates Foundation, the world's largest
| philanthropy outfit.


Bill Gates fund reports 12.8 pct PlanetOut stake

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Gates' investment fund Cascade Investment LLC reported in a regulatory
| filing on Friday that its holds a 12.8 percent stake in the common stock of
| online media company PlanetOut Inc.  


More on Troy Wolverton, the Street, and Apple Scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| MediaNews did buy the Mercury News with a loan from Bill Gates' foundation,
| and is in the process of paying back that loan by publishing information
| without much journalistic or technical integrity.  
| Specifically, I wrote “One might think that the San Jose Mercury News, being
| located in Apple's backyard, would tend to trumpet the company's success. One
| would be wrong... Apple's corporate proximity to San Jose is trumped by the
| Mercury News’ need to publish low cost, highly sensational news to make
| enough money to pay back Bill Gates for the favor of his humanitarian loan.”    


Dark cloud over good works of Gates Found


Gates Foundation Revokes Pledge to Review Portfolio

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the Gates Foundation took down their public statement on this
| and replaced it with a significantly altered version which seems to
| say that investing responsibly would just be too complex for them
| and that they need to focus on their core mission: 'There are
| dozens of factors that could be considered, almost all of which
| are outside the foundation's areas of expertise. The issues
| involved are quite complex...


,----[ Quote ]
| My background is finance and accounting....
| However, the Gates Buffet foundation grant is nothing more than a shell
| game in which control of assets for both Gates and Buffet remain the same.

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