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[News] Company That Sells GNU/Linux Appliances Gets $20,000,000 in Funding

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Schooner nabs $20m in venture funding

,----[ Quote ]
| The initial round of funding was also used to create the Schooner MySQL 
| appliance. This unit puts a highly optimized version of the InnoDB 1.0.3 
| transactional storage engine in a System x box equipped with solid state 
| disks and an OEMed version of Sun's MySQL 5.1 Enterprise Edition database, 
| which Schooner has shown in benchmark tests can deliver about eight times the 
| oomph of a plain vanilla x64 server running Linux and MySQL. The MySQL 
| appliance costs $45,000 as well.      



Myka's Linux-based BitTorrent box great home theater PC for lazy people

,----[ Quote ]
| With as many set-top boxes as there suddenly appear to be in the home video
| market, as long as any one of them has a strong central feature, it could be
| the one that becomes a household name. Look at TiVo, Slingbox, and AppleTV:
| Each of these built a TV-based ecosystem around a single unique feature:
| TiVo's was the DVR, Slingbox was the place-shifting concept, and AppleTV was
| iTunes.
| Now, IPTV startup Myka has designed its own media center STB, focusing on
| BitTorrent as its winning central feature. And while it doesn't carry all the
| functions one would expect in a home theater PC (HTPC), it offers enough
| power and functionality to be considered a little more than your
| run-of-the-mill set top box. Like the title says, if you're a little bit
| lazy...you could even consider Myka a pre-built HTPC. Betanews got an
| exclusive look at this new device.

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