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[News] Linux4Afrika Conceived; Why Africans Should Use GNU/Linux

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Linux4Afrika Integrates Sugar Desktop and WLAN 

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux4Afrika development help project that is active in a number of east 
| African countries has released the next verson of its software distribution. 
| The donated used hardware will be expanded by new functionality.  
| The newest version of the Linux4Afrika terminal server solution will no 
| longer require interested parties to buy from One Laptop per Child (OLPC) to 
| test its Sugar learning interface. The GUI can be installed optionally and, 
| after registration, started simply from the dropdown menu.    



,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu comes on a live CD which you can try without having to touch your 
| existing installation. And if you like it, there is an icon right on the 
| desktop where you can install the system as you are testing it.  
| These are just a few of the reasons why I would very much encourage my 
| African brothers and sisters to give Ubuntu Linux and other Linux distros a 
| try. After all, they are free, great, safe and you become part of a worldwide 
| community.   



Microsoft's Neo-Colonialism in Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is stitching up Africa in the cruellest way:
|     Microsoft is on its way to becoming a dominant brand in Africa, mainly
|     through the deals made with various governments.
|     “We are very conscious of the environment in which we do business, where
|     our employees and customers live, we always try to empower those
|     communities," said Dr Diarra.
|     “Africa is really the last frontier in not only developing technology
|     that is specific to people's needs, but eventually even developing new
|     business models that will enable the emergence of local software
|     industries, such as young people who have the skills to be able to write
|     their own applications for their own community,” he said.
| Fine words, but the reality is that if those "local software industries" do
| indeed emerge, they will be formed from programmers who are completely
| dependent on American software for the livelihood: it's neo-colonialism, pure
| and simple.


Misconceptions and Failed Attempts – Microsoft’s Strategy for Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s approach to give away some of its core software to universities,
| schools and governments often creates the appearance that just like Open
| Source software,„Microsoft is also free in Africa“. This statement is often
| heard, meant both sarcastically and seriously. Software donations and
| aggressive lobbying are common in many African countries but have not always
| proven to be a successful strategy.


Microsoft Denies Threatening to Withdraw Funding

,----[ Quote ]
| However, the denial was a contradiction to comments by Bitange Ndemo,
| permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication, who
| said that Microsoft may have made comments regarding funding, though not
| directly or in writing.  
| "They may have said something to that effect though not directly and not in
| writing. Microsoft cannot threaten us. In any case, our policy is very clear,
| we encourage people to use open-source software and those who want to use
| proprietary software are at liberty to do so" Ndemo said.  
| There was heated debate in Kenya's technology sector before the decision to
| abstain. The decision was made by a 12-member committee. Some experts felt
| that the committee was comprised of a majority of Microsoft partners.  



Africa: 'Microsoft is Imperialistic' Says Open Source Advocates

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corporation's products have been locked out of the
| on-going World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi Kenya.
| With over 300 computers provided for participants and the press,
| organizers of the WSF have preferred to provide open source
| software products and blocked all Microsoft related products for
| the forum's usage and its related activities.
| [...]
| Activists at the forum also believe that since Microsoft is a
| corporate brand from the United States of America, a country
| they believe has intentions of maintaining the status quo of
| a unipolar world over which it is above international law and
| the UN, the brand should be locked out.
| [...]
| "The open source movement is providing Linux, a robust free
| software. Everybody owns it and it can be shared. And this
| is what WSF is all about - a free society, a movement
| fighting for ownership of free resources" he adds.


enya: How Software War Will Hurt Consumers

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather than buy Microsoft software or pay royalty fees to the company, most
| cyber-cafes around the country are choosing to instal free, open source
| software.
| This follows the start of an aggressive campaign by the software giant in
| October last year, which targeted cyber-cafes that are illegally using its
| software and denying it the right to benefit from many years of research.


Kenya Linux Group Challenges Procurement Policies

,----[ Quote ]
| After losing out on many software tenders to the government, the Linux
| Professional Association (LPA) will engage the Public Procurement Oversight
| Authority (PPOA) in Kenya over procurement rules, according to the
| association chairman.
| The association members have been locked out of government tenders because
| the requests for proposals are usually skewed toward Microsoft products,
| therefore locking out open-source software developed locally, says LPA
| Chairman Evans Ikua.

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