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[News] Computer Game Bionic Heart Released for GNU/Linux

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Tycoon Games releases Bionic Heart for Mac, PC, Linux systems

,----[ Quote ]
| The game is set in the not too far future of London 2099, where climatic 
| catastrophes have changed the Earth’s climate permanently. In this 
| interactive novel, bionic beings and complex technologies, clash with 
| complicated relationships and even more complicated romance. Wise decisions 
| build relationships with other characters, but one wrong move could ruin a 
| friendship forever.     


Who said Linux lacks programs?

Create Oscar-Worthy Movie Scripts With Celtx

,----[ Quote ]
| Celtx is a media pre-production editor that allows you to easily create 
| screenplays and storyboards for your next movie. You can use it to create a 
| whole assortment of media, including theater, comics, advertising, and video 
| games.   



Games : Warsow 0.4 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday the developers of Warsow, which is a free fast-paced first person
| shooter released the new beta version of their game.


Does WINE + Linux support more Windows apps than Vista?

,----[ Quote ]
| WINE supports most of the applications which are made for Windows
| 2.0 up to Windows XP. WINE has the ability to run different versions
| of IE, run most of Adobe's products, run World of Warcraft, Half Life
| 2, Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, Visio, Quicken,
|     * Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
|     * Need for Speed Carbon
| [...]
| What about drivers, hardware support, and upgrades?
| Want to upgrade you XP to Vista? no chance. might as well do a fresh
| install and shell out $300.


StreamMyGame launches Linux player ; Play PC games on your PS3

,----[ Quote ]
| StreamMyGame.com announced today the release of its free Linux Player, an
| application that enables you to play any PC game via a PlayStation 3 running
| Linux.


Top Ubuntu Linux Games

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’ve switched to Ubuntu (as I have) or any other Linux distribution, you
| may consider the following free (and in most cases open-source) games, as
| they’ve been favorites of mine for some time now.

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