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[News] GNU/Linux RAM Consumption Today Same as Windows About a Decade ago

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Computer Memory - How much is good enough ?

,----[ Quote ]
| And now in 2009, their conclusion still holds true, I guess. You can run all 
| the applications that a normal user will want to run - be it in Windows or 
| Linux, in a PC or laptop which sports just 1 GB memory. Windows Vista doesn't 
| count, as it is an aberration.   



When too much memory is a problem, debug it

,----[ Quote ]
| My Dell has 2.5 gigabytes of memory, but when I try to put the machine into 
| hibernation, I often get a message that there are "insufficient system 
| resources to complete the API."  
| According to a tech-support article at Microsoft's site (sup 
| port.microsoft.com/kb/909095), your problem can be blamed in part on your 
| computer having so much memory.  
| But the bulk of the blame goes to a bug in Windows XP that can be zapped with 
| a small "hot fix" download from that page.  


Kernel space: How to use a terabyte of RAM

,----[ Quote
| An experimental new design for Linux's virtual memory system would turn a 
| large amount of system RAM into a fast RAM disk with automatic sync to 
| magnetic media.   
| We have not yet reached a point where systems - even high-end boxes - come 
| with a terabyte of installed memory. But products like those from Violin 
| Memory make it clear that the day is coming; one can buy a Violin box with 
| 500GB in it now.    


What to do with a Terabyte of RAM

,----[ Quote ]
| Come the day we get a terabyte of RAM in our systems, we'll find a need for 
| it. After all, recall that great prophet Bill Gates who swore 640K of memory 
| would be all we'd need. Real-time high-definition video editing anyone?  
| [...]
| But while I can dream up applications that could use a terabyte of RAM, that 
| leaves aside the wee technical problem of how you access that much memory. 
| Daniel Phillips, a Linux developer, has an idea: the ramback virtual device.  



,----[ Quote ]
| Just one more reason why the Microsoft-Yahoo merger, if it happens, will be 
| hell: 
| [...]
| Go[t] that? 10,000 core processors running GNU/Linux at the heart of Yahoo. 
| Microsoft is damned if they do (rip and replace) and damned if they don't. Go 
| on, make our day, Steve....  



Vista SP1 to lie about RAM usage. Deliberately!

,----[ Quote ]
| If you right click on "My Computer" and go to properties, it will show the 
| amount of RAM that your computer can see. This is perfectly fine, but 
| sometimes the ignorant consumer buys 4GB of RAM, and thinks there is a 
| problem when their OS only reports 3GB.   
| So, what does the richest company in the world do about it?
| Fix the problem at the core?
| Enforce manufacturers to use 64bit?
| nope. They just have their OS lie about it.

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