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[News] Professor Nesson Stands up Against the MAFIAA

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How it feels to be sued for $4.5m

,----[ Quote ]
| Then in summer 2008, I arrived home to find a letter addressed to me. The 
| return address said "Harvard Law School". Curiously, I opened and read 
| it. "My name is Charles Nesson, professor of Law at Harvard. I caught wind of 
| your case," it said. "I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to call." I 
| called. Nesson picked up. I said, "Yes, you can be of assistance!" My mom 
| drafted a letter to him, summarising where we were. The opening line 
| read, "Dear Professor Godsend".      


Pirate Party's copyright reform cannon could sink copyleft

,----[ Quote ]
| The Swedish Pirate Party's goal of reducing copyright duration to five years 
| is facing scrutiny from an unlikely critic. Richard Stallman, founder of the 
| Free Software Foundation, fears that reduced copyright terms will undermine 
| copyleft licenses.   



Nesson responds to OSC re taping; claims labels seek to 'distract and sap the
energy...of those they oppose'

,----[ Quote ]
| Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson today responded to Judge Nancy
| Gertner's Order to Show Cause regarding his practice of taping opposing
| counsel and posting the results to the Internet with a "declaration" denying
| all wrongdoing and accusing the plaintiffs in the Joel Tenenbaum case of
| seeking to "distract and sap the energy, and resources and reputations of
| those they oppose."


Harvard Prof Calls RIAA Lawsuits “Unconstitutional Abuse of Law”

,----[ Quote ]
| Charles Nesson writes an op-ed piece explaining why RIAA lawsuits targeting
| file-sharers is an abuse of the legal process, and that the real problem is
| the tension between “our antiquated copyright laws and the social reality
| of ‘digital natives,’” those that have grown up immersed in a digital world.

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