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[News] More Free Software in the Philippines, Singapore, India

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Latest UP Diliman Technopark opens 

,----[ Quote ]
| At the press briefing, ASTI OIC Peter Banzon said that it was envisioned that 
| the new technopark would welcome locators developing applications on the 
| cutting edge of Open Source technology such as software that rely on the 
| cloud computing model. However, it would also welcome locators developing 
| bread-and-butter applications such as Open Source software for accounting and 
| human resource administration.     
| [...]
| Open Source software, such as Linux, belongs to this category. Their 
| developers have built their revenue stream models on after sales services and 
| consultancies.  


S'pore developers create open source buzz

,----[ Quot ]
| Eugene Teo, honorary member of the Linux Users' Group Singapore (LUGS), said 
| in an interview with ZDNet Asia, that interest among local developers have 
| been moving toward mobile, Web and cloud computing platforms.   


Software products: the perfect storm 

,----[ Quote ]
| Second, open source software is coming out from the realm of geeks into the 
| real world. Many open source products have reached enough scale and maturity 
| to seriously challenge their proprietary software counterparts. Claims by 
| proprietary software firms that open source products suffer from a higher 
| lifecycle cost and lack good quality support appear to be a case of sour 
| grapes given the rapid proliferation of open source products such as Linux 
| and the rise in the number of IT firms offering implementation and support 
| services for open source products.        



Filipino open source developer Morph Labs plans to capture SMEs

,----[ Quote ]
| Filipino open source software developer Morph Labs is looking forward to
| capturing the mid-sized enterprise market globally when it goes full blast
| with its launch of on-demand CRM (customer relationship management) in May.


Global open source: India ranks 23rd

,----[ Quote ]
| France is the leading open source stalwart, followed by Spain, Germany,
| Australia, Finland, and the U.K. In the Western Hemisphere, the U.S. leads
| with a 9 ranking, while Brazil is right behind at 12, and Canada trails at
| 28.


Ubuntu Classroom #1 at Engineering Faculty

,----[ Quote ]
| Saturday 19th, 7pm at Engineering Faculty Jember universty we made basic
| training about ubuntu. we made class in the night because many student have
| another class in the morning. in this clas we have 2 mentors, me and Ashadebi
| (from Debian Indonesia).

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