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[News] Praises of Dropbox for GNU/Linux

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Life is Better With a Dropbox

,----[ Quote ]
| Have you ever gone somewhere and needed some files, only to find that you 
| forgot your flash drive? Well, that can all change with a simple solution: 
| Dropbox. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, your files can be 
| with you wherever you go. Using Windows? No problem. Using a Mac? No problem. 
| Using Linux? Of course, no problem. And soon there will be an application for 
| the iPhone and iPod Touch. Prices are quite reasonable, and they even offer 
| you a free 2GB account that never expires.      



Dropbox For Linux is Now Available!

,----[ Quote ]
| It's here! Dropbox for Linux is finally available and ready for your everyday
| use. Whats great about this service is you get 2 gb of space and it creates a
| folder in your home directory ~/Dropbox
| I tested this and it works with Intrepid Ibex RC1, Just download the Ubuntu
| 8.04 Version or use its repository!


How Dropbox ended my search for seamless sync on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| As a Linux user, I have some pretty nice tools baked into the OS to help me
| get the job done. My approach is to store everything on my 4TB home NAS,
| which I can mount on my laptop via sshfs for secure remote access. It's a
| very seamless solution that works great when I have decent Internet
| connectivity, but it falls flat on its face when I can't connect or when my
| connection is unreliable. I had to augment this approach by using
| synchronization tools for critical files so that I still have access to
| important data when the tubes are clogged.


Dropbox drops beta tag, adds Linux client

,----[ Quote ]
| Also new today is a client for Linux boxes, so if you have a netbook running
| a Fedora or Ubuntu distro, you can get in on the action.

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