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[News] GPL Fanfare Comes After Microsoft Was Pushed to Using It

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Random musings on GPL and Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| After all, nobody is forcing anyone to use GPL code in their solutions. Well, 
| at least I haven't heard of anyone complaining of having RMS threating them 
| with using GPLed code in their solutions or.... So if you don't like the GPL, 
| then don't use code released under its terms. Stop wining about how bad the 
| GPL is, do your homework and write your own code instead. I know.... there's 
| excellent GPL code out there and it's gonna take time to reproduce it but... 
| if you choose to use it, then abide by its rules. That's all their creators 
| asked for when they released the code under its terms after all, right?       



Why the GNU GPL Still Matters

,----[ Quote ]
| The other major bone of contention in the discussion about the merits and
| demerits of the GNU GPL concerns the issue of efficiency: that is, what is
| the best way to encourage coders to join projects and for users to adopt
| software. But this, too, if based on a misunderstanding of free software: the
| point of free software is not to spread software, but to spread freedom.
| It is not trying to be “efficient”, it is trying to be ethical; ideally you
| want both – and in many respects, the culture that the GNU GPL fosters is
| extremely efficient, for reasons I'll discuss in a moment. But if efficiency
| and ethics clash, ethics win every time.



Attorney Shaalu Mehra discusses emerging GPL trends (video)

,----[ Quote ]
| Shaalu Merhra, an attorney with Perkins Coie, spoke at LinuxWorld 2008 about
| the legal implications of adopting the GPL within one's organization, and
| about outsourcing and performing due diligence on the software stack. This
| was a high-level but compelling conversation about legal matters that are
| important to all open source software developers.

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