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[News] Review of Crunchbang Linux and Another Review of Mandriva 2009.1

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Resuscitating Your Old Computer: Crunchbang Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, I liked Crunchbang very much. It really gave new life to my old 
| Vaio. 
| If you’re willing to use the command line every now and then then, with the 
| help of a very active community you can setup your system any way you want. 
| Crunchbang is easily the best compromise between speed, looks and difficulty 
| I’ve found so far. I definitely recommend trying it.   


Mandriva 2009.1 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva 2009.1 is overall an excellent transition from Windows to Linux, and 
| comes with many great features for the tech-savvy user who wants an improved, 
| sleek desktop look and feel as well as an abundance of programs to use. 
| Before its merger with Conectiva, Mandrake Linux was concerned with making 
| the Linux desktop more compatible for the end user, easier to understand and 
| operate, as well as all-around better looking. With those goals in mind, 
| Mandriva Linux as it is known today has accomplished those goals of 
| popularizing the Linux desktop all while creating an awesome user-interface 
| that gives the utmost control to the computer user.        
| [...]
| All in all, the Mandriva 2009.1 is a great Linux environment that has the 
| power to give both Linux-familiar and new-to-Linux users an awesome look, 
| feel, and experience! With the 20,000 program directory that Mandriva 2009.1 
| contains and all the new programs that are unique to Mandriva Linux along 
| with the quick, easy, and out-of-the-box instant setup, anyone coming to 
| Mandriva 2009.1 should find it to be an enjoyable time!     



Second edition of Mandriva Linux One 2009.1 released - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mandriva developers have released a second edition of their Mandriva
| Linux One 2009.1 LiveCD. The second edition of the LiveCD uses the 2.6.29
| Linux kernel and features version 4.2.4 of the KDE desktop environment.
| The release includes all of the available security and maintenance updates up
| to the 10th of July and several updates to the included applications, such as
| Firefox 3.0.11, OpenOffice 3.0.1 and version 1.0 of the VLC Media Player. Two
| new desktop icons allow users to easily install a flash player and several
| additional audio and video codecs.


Back with a CrunchBang #!

,----[  Quote]
| WHAT happened to the "p-y-e-o-w-w-w"?
| I've lost count of the number of times the sci-fi blaster sound that
| CrunchBang Linux makes when it starts up has made me - or someone in the room
| with me - jump.
| Now, it makes an equally sci-fi "boop-bleep-bup" sound which is nice, but
| doesn't have the same dramatic effect of making people duck if your speaker
| volume is maxed-out.


CrunchBang Linux 9.04.01 Review and Screenshot Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, I admit I had a lot of fun testing Crunchbang. Although some
| people can find the Openbox Desktop and the grey-black color scheme (the
| window borders are a bit too dark, people may have problems seeing the
| buttons) a bit intimidating, Crunchbang’s main strength is that it does not
| make you watch, but explore.


CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02: A review

,----[ Quote ]
| As I become more knowledgable about Linux, the thought has crossed my mind to
| create my own distribution. However, I’ll readily admit I’m not the most
| technical user, but at least I’m getting to a point where I could give it a
| try. Using Ubuntu as the base would probably be easiest, starting from a
| minimal install, and using my favoruite window manager: Openbox. It wouldn’t
| be a minimalist or leightweight distribution, just one that provided almost
| all of the functionality and none of the bloat.

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