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[News] Sample of the Good State of Applications for GNU/Linux

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Viewing Autocad files in Linux. 

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most important programs in the toolbox of any converter of ideas 
| to physical things is Autocad. This program has pretty well become the 
| standard of every research and development branch in factories. Many attempts 
| have been made, and quite a few have been successful, to have Autocad running 
| under Linux.     


Getting things done with Linux to-do list programs

,----[ Quote ]
| To-do list programs can help you stay organized and boost productivity. Ars 
| looks at GTG, KOrganizer, and other task management tools for the Linux 
| desktop.  
| I've found that maintaining a proper to-do list consistently boosts my 
| productivity. The challenge, however, is finding task management software 
| that fits with my workflow. I've tried several web solutions—including 
| Remember the Milk (RTM) and a self-hosted Tracks setup—but the problem with 
| browser-based to-do lists is that I tend to ignore what's not immediately 
| visible on my desktop. Fortunately, there are several reasonably good open 
| source to-do list tools for Linux.      
| I recently started using Getting Things GNOME (GTG), an organizer for the 
| GNOME desktop environment that provides a robust feature set and a relatively 
| high level of usability. Although it's still at an early stage of development 
| and has some rough edges, it meets my needs better than any of the other 
| to-do list programs that I've tested. It has supported for nested substasks, 
| tagging, and task notes.     


KMess 2.0 is (finally!) out

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m very, very happy to announce that the KMess team has released KMess 
| version 2.0, after more than an year and an half of development! 


Qumana: An Easy-to-Use Alternative to Desktop Blogging


blogging with gnome-blog



Would You Use Proprietary Software Ported to GNU/Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| Justas Ingelevičius wrote in about an Autodesk international user group poll 
| about non-Windows ports. 
| [...]
| It’s easy to predict that this conversation will happen more frequently and 
| with greater volume. (I imagine something similar happened when Windows NT 
| was worth using and much, much cheaper than high-end UNIX workstations.)  

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