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[News] [Rival] New Zealand Post Dumps Microsoft

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Google Chrome Apps – will they rival Microsoft Office?

,----[ Quote ]
| Are you one of the 1.75 million people using Google Apps to run your computer 
| office needs? It’s a bit doubtful when you think about it – 1.75 million 
| doesn’t even cover the Bay Area, let alone the rest of the U.S. It is a nice 
| hefty number but it doesn’t come close to Microsoft’s Office domination.   
| Will the Google Apps take over anytime soon?    


NZ Post: why we chose Google over Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| She was also drawn to Google Apps features, figuring they can yield a further 
| $1 million saving by dint of productivity gains. While staff have document 
| collaboration capability with today’s Microsoft products, Google Apps makes 
| it easier to share a file, or for more than one person, in more than one 
| place, to work on a document. Google Apps will also see NZ Post use IM and 
| desktop video (again, also available in Microsoft iterations) for the first 
| time.      


Google Apps oust Microsoft at Postal Services Group

,----[ Quote ]
| NZ Post unit to ditch Outlook, Exchange and probably SharePoint for 2,100 
| workers




Outcome of G2009 Microsoft negotiations

26 May 2009

The State Services Commission today announced the government has concluded
negotiations with Microsoft on a pan-government agreement for the next three

It became apparent during discussions that a formal agreement with Microsoft is
no longer appropriate.

Microsoft have agreed to provide recommended retail price certainty for
agencies as a basis for their individual negotiations, and the State Services
Commission will be supporting agencies to explore how they can maximise their
ICT investment and achieve greater value for money.

Since 2000 the government has negotiated a series of three-year agreements with
Microsoft, enabling public sector agencies to purchase Microsoft products on
an opt-in basis.

In late 2008 the State Services Commission commenced leading the re-negotiation
of the G2006 Microsoft agreement on behalf of government agencies, and
established an advisory steering committee comprised of senior executives from
the largest IT purchasers in the public sector.

Contact: Marian Mortensen, State Services Commission: 04 495 6620 or 021

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