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[News] Company of Microsoft Cofounder Stuck in $21.7 Billion Debt

Charter tried to sell itself before going bankrupt- adviser

,----[ Quote
| Charter, which is controlled by Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) co-founder Paul 
| Allen, filed for bankruptcy protection in March, buckling under the weight of 
| $21.7 billion in debt, but said at the time it had reached agreements with 
| key stakeholders that would allow it to exit bankruptcy in a matter of 
| months.    



Allen to sell Charter shares

,----[ Quote ]
| Charter officials have said that Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp.
| (NASDAQ: MSFT) and owner of the Portland Trail Blazers, will retain 35
| percent voting control of the company, down from 91 percent. And his 51
| percent stake in shares will drop to 3 percent.
| Charter filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday in an effort to reduce its $21
| billion debt by $8 billion.


Charter Communications files for bankruptcy


Judge approves Charter Communications motions


Allen's Charter Comms may run afoul of lawsuits


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