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[News] The Indoctrination Powerhouse Disney Deletes Its Own Commercials

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Alice in Wonderland Trailer Hits YouTube, Disney Deletes It

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s no secret that the web’s been buzzing about Tim Burton’s theatrical 
| rendition of Alice in Wonderland, coming out in March 2010. With Johnny Depp 
| as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, and the unique directing 
| style of Tim Burton, how could there not be throngs of excited moviegoers?   



Linux, PhotoShop, And Disney.

,----[ Quote ]
| At around the same time as my trip to Walt Disney World (give or take a few
| years), the Disney animation studio was adopting Linux.  The animators wanted
| Photoshop running on Linux.  Since Adobe wasn't providing this, Disney
| decided to fund a project to port the Windows version of Photosop to run on
| Linux under Wine.  And that's why, thanks to Disney, Photoshop runs on Linux.
| [...]
| And that's the main point of today's blog post.  Photoshop runs on Linux!
| Some folks out there may not want to make the move to Linux because they
| think they wouldn't be able to use Photoshop.  Not so. Photoshop runs on
| Linux!


Disney using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| The Walt Disney Company is using Drupal for the ABC Family community website.
| ABC Family is a cable television network that they currently own. In 2002,
| Disney acquired the network from News Corp for $3.2 billion USD.



Back from vacation at Disney World and Tux Racer is all over.

,----[ Quote ]
| So I’m back form vacation and what did I see Tux Racer at every Arcade in the
| Parks. That’s right an Arcade version of our favorite bird….and it sure was
| fun to play.


Dumping Office for Google Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has a friend in Disney, and that could leave Microsoft screaming
| like a jilted lover.

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