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[News] Free Software Proving to be Great Success in Indian Schools

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Open Source Software saves Indian IT@schools program $2 million

,----[ Quote ]
| Government authorities in the Indian State of Kerala will save more $US2.27 
| million by using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on computers to be 
| installed in schools throughout the state as part of an $US11.7 million 
| (Rs.57 Crore) expansion to its IT@School project.   


Society - maybe there is such a thing after all 

,----[ Quote ]
| We have examples of endeavours such as Wikipedia, that are only able to be 
| created by a community, working together to create something they could not 
| create individually. The Open Source Software community is another example. 
| Such community efforts deliver efficiency, but the primary driver is an 
| ethical one; as Glyn Moody comments when discussing the General Public 
| License "It is not trying to be “efficient”, it is trying to be ethical; 
| ideally you want both – and in many respects, the culture that the GNU GPL 
| fosters is extremely efficient. But if efficiency and ethics clash, ethics 
| win every time."        



Indian Schools Adopt Virtual Desktops From NComputing

,----[ Quote ]
| NComputing is working with the state governments of Assam and Tamil Nadu on
| pilots for the deployment of its virtual desktop technology on Linux PCs,
| according to Dukker.


CII-Shiksha Integrates Open Source In Curriculum

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of its Special Series on Integrating Open Source in Curriculum,
| CII-Shiksha undertook a 6-months pilot project with six schools of Delhi. Ten
| mathematics teachers from these six schools participated in the pilot and
| worked on GeoGebra -- an open source/free software for mathematics. The
| teachers created dynamic applets in geometry and algebra.    


What Policy Should India Adopt for ICT in School Education?

,----[ Quote ]
| Considering that computer science is a strange mix of deep theory as well as
| sophisticated technology, it is very vital for any society to use this
| transparently. Else, we will let some agencies become monopolies. This is a
| serious danger to digital society because, the data that is digitized belongs
| to you and me, and not to the company. But, in reality today, our data has
| been handed over to the proprietary companies, since they alone have the
| license to decode our own documents. This will create a possibility for
| computer crime, which is happening all around our eyes. We should we let this
| happen?        

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