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Why cloud computing needs open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Tech giants like Google and Amazon have laid out the formula to follow for 
| open-source-driven cloud computing environments, according to experts from 
| The 451 Group and Red Hat  
| [...]
| For companies like Red Hat, ISVs have to more fully embrace moving apps that 
| enterprises need to the public cloud, according to Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens.  
| For the future, the company wants to see a higher degree of compatibility 
| between external cloud providers, zero cost of entry and exit for users 
| moving to cloud-based environments, better data mobility, the elimination of 
| ISV licencing obstacles, and an overall reduction in complexity for 
| on-premise cloud installations.     


Open source Hive: Large-scale, distributed data processing made easy

,----[ Quote ]
| Thank heaven for Hive, a data analysis and query front end for Hadoop that 
| makes Hadoop data files look like SQL tables 


The tech jobs that the cloud will eliminate


Researchers: Databases still beat Google's MapReduce

,----[ Quote ]
| A team of researchers will release on Tuesday a paper showing that parallel 
| SQL databases perform up to 6.5 times faster than Google Inc.'s MapReduce 
| data-crunching technology.  


The openQRM Team announced the collaboration with TakeOffTechnology
,----[ Quote ]
| Running complete server-systems directly from robust, high-available and 
| performant storage server is one of the main concepts of the openQRM Cloud 
| Computing and Data-Center Management platform. With its unique architecture 
| and data-center abstraction layer openQRM provides a complete separation 
| between software- and hardware stack to make physical hardware replaceable at 
| any time.     


Engine Yard Announces Newest Version of Engine Yard Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Offers application services platform for on-demand deployment and management 
| of Ruby on Rails production applications in the cloud  


Will Google Chrome OS Bring Us the Mythical GDrive?

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, Google announced some interface changes to their Google Docs 
| service that are designed to make finding your files easier. The changes are 
| relatively minor - the "shared with" list has gone away, there's a 
| new "Sharing" menu, and you now have the ability to save your searches - but 
| that hasn't stopped some bloggers from theorizing that the shiny new UI is 
| bringing us one step closer to the often theorized, yet never 
| realized, "Google Drive" service, aka "your hard drive in the cloud."      



Mullenweg: Open Source Trumps The Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Using cloud storage from Amazon has helped Automattic scale its fast-growing
| Wordpress.com blog hosting service. But Wordpress founding developer Matt
| Mullenweg said he’d much prefer to run an optimized open source solution on
| leased servers. While cloud computing is the hot buzzword, Mullenweg said
| open source is the key to competing in the new digital economy.

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