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[News] Governments in the US, EU, and Canada Talk About Digital Freedom

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The status of open government efforts in the U.S.

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| In the Washington Monthly, Charles Homans has an extensive investigation into 
| the early efforts, both in Washington D.C. as a city, and on the government 
| level after the high profile nomination (by Obama) of open government 
| advocate Vivek Kundera.   


European Elections: Are MEPs committed to Digital Freedoms?

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| MEPs candidates before the European elections have been called upon to pledge 
| their committment to digital freedoms, 34 of them have now been elected. 


The Rise of the Open City: the current state of affairs

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been following with great interest the number of cities partaking in 
| open data initiatives. With the online announcement yesterday of a motion 
| going before Calgary's City Council, things are again on the move. So what is 
| the count at now? This little table tries to capture who's done what so far. 
| If I'm missing something please do let me know - I will try to update this 
| from time to time.     



Advocates say open-source software is better

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| Advocates for open-source software are urging governments to embrace the
| concept, which they argue will save money, offer more flexibility and create
| better computer programs by encouraging collaboration.
| Open-source programs - which allow anyone to change or modify them - have
| been gaining popularity in recent years, from free consumer software such as
| the Firefox web browser to Internet servers and other complex applications.


Vancouver enters the age of the open city

,----[ Quote ]
| BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Vancouver endorses the principles of:
| * Open and Accessible Data - the City of Vancouver will freely share with
| citizens, businesses and other jurisdictions the greatest amount of data
| possible while respecting privacy and security concerns;
| * Open Standards - the City of Vancouver will move as quickly as possible to
| adopt prevailing open standards for data, documents, maps, and other formats
| of media;
| * Open Source Software - the City of Vancouver, when replacing existing
| software or considering new applications, will place open source software on
| an equal footing with commercial systems during procurement cycles; and

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