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[News] [Rival] US DHS (with Microsoft Inside) Afraid of Windows Zombies

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US 'concerned' over cyber threat

,----[ Quote ]
| The issue of cyber security is of "great concern" to the US, the nation's 
| homeland security secretary has said. 
| Janet Napolitano told the BBC that protecting against virtual attacks was 
| something the US was "moving forward on with great alacrity".  


The BSA pressured DHS to adopt Microsoft on the face of it.

The Huge Hidden Cost of Microsoft Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I wrote about a report from ACT that brought up the issue of TCO 
| for free software. 
| As I pointed out there, it's old news that free software has costs; but what 
| is more interesting is the fact that fans of the proprietary world always 
| fail to point out the huge hidden costs of using poorly-written closed-source 
| software. Here's a great demonstration of my point:   
| The `Conficker worm' caused chaos when it hit Manchester town hall in 
| February. Now we can reveal the bug cost the council more than £43,000 in
| lost' bus lane fines.  
| The computer problems meant 1,609 tickets could not be issued within the 
| 28-day legal limit - rendering them useless. 
| In total, the Conficker worm cost taxpayers in Manchester nearly £1.5m, the 
| M.E.N has learned. 
| A £1.2m bill in the IT department, including £600,000 getting ‘consultancy 
| support’ to fix the problems, which including drafting in experts from 
| Microsoft;  
| £178,000 in extra staffing costs across the town hall – including £169,000 
| going to clear up a backlog of benefits claims and council tax bills; 
| Compensation payments due to delays in processing benefit claims.
| A few things to note here. 



DHS project aims to bring open-source software to state and local agencies

,----[ Quote ]
| The Homeland Security Department is funding a program that will help federal,
| state and local agencies better understand their options for using
| open-source software.
| DHS' Science and Technology Directorate will fund the Homeland Open Security
| Technology (HOST) project, which will start with a one-year, $1.5 million
| contract and possible additional years to follow. The University of Southern
| Mississippi and the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) will conduct the
| work, and the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command will handle the
| contracting and help with guidance for the program.

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