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[News] Linux Fund Expands to BSD, Linux4Kids Reports on Progress

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LinuxPR: BSD Fund Visa Available Today

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Fund is pleased to announce that the BSD Fund Visa is available for 
| application by US residents today at bsdfund.org. A percentage of every 
| purchase made with the BSD Fund Visa card goes to events, software 
| development and other initiatives related to the "Berkeley Software 
| Distribution" family of operating systems. The BSD Fund Visa is offered in 
| partnership with U.S. Bank of Minnesota and is also available as a student 
| card. BSD Fund has provided financial support to BSD-related events around 
| the world and is key supporter of the Portable C Compiler Project.       


Balancing the Scales

,----[ Quote ]
| It wasn't too long ago, I told you the story of my experiences with Acer. 
| Seems that articles I wrote about 3 years ago concerning Trusted Computing 
| and the hardware/software nightmares implemented to enforce it came home to 
| roost.   
| We couldn't get to the login prompt due to the Trusted Core sentry. These 
| computers were in essence, doorstops. 



The Helios Project - Drive To The Future

,----[ Quote ]
| The HeliOS Project is conducting our “Drive For The Future”.  These little
| wonders are being collected so that with every computer we deliver, we will
| include a thumb drive with their system upon it.  We can buy them in bulk or
| you can purchase one and send it to us if you care to participate in this
| drive.  If you don’t particularly want to go out to purchase one, you can
| order one from newegg.com and have it shipped to our address.  If you simply
| want to donate to  our bulk order, you can do on the left column of our main
| page.   Price per unit is $14.95.  If you are donating for one thumb drive,
| please do not include any shipping costs as we get free shipping with our
| orders.


Penguins on parade

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't always dress in a T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes people give me awards,
| and I dress like a penguin instead. Here's a shout-out for the computer
| history museum.



Heroes of Linux and FOSS: Ken Starks, AKA Helios

,----[ Quote ]
| This seems like a good time for a Ken Starks retrospective. This is the man
| who, despite some rather gnarly health problems churns out blog entries and
| interesting Linux projects by the truckload.

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