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[News] Government and Free Software Brought Closer Together

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Open Government and Open Source at the Department of Defense - Part 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Web 2.0 is about mass collaboration and open source is about collaboration 
| also.  There absolutely are some synergies there in both directions.  The 
| collaborative techniques of web 2.0 and mass collaboration are the same 
| things that have driven open source to be successful.  The most successful 
| open source projects are the ones that provide value to people which then 
| encourages those people to become developers, and then they add enhancements 
| and so that same virtual cycle that powers things like wikipedia also 
| powering open source software.       


Open Source Software, Cloud Computing Can Save Government Money

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to IT, there is a multitude of low-cost, creative ways to make 
| resources available. Which ones are worth considering? Is there a more 
| efficient development approach? How can you effectively combine resources 
| with other government districts? The clear need is to evaluate low-cost 
| resources that save money in the short term and provide proven solutions that 
| are advanced and secure enough to avoid long-term pain. This article delves 
| into practical examples you can start using today to save money, speed 
| development and deliver higher-quality solutions.       



BE: Government publishes source code for election software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Belgian government this week has made available to the public the source
| code of the applications used for the regional and European elections held on
| 7 June, Digivote and Jites.
| The same software will be used in upcoming elections.

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