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[News] Boxee for GNU/Linux Ahead of Windows, Kontact Claimed Ahead of Evolution

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Boxee vs. Zinc vs. Hulu

,----[ Quote ]
| As far as the BoxeeBox is concerned, I can’t wait to revert to being back 
| using a Linux platform for all my media streaming-media needs. 


KDE's Kontact vs. GNOME's Evolution: Best Personal Info Manager?

,----[ Quote ]
| Personal information managers (PIM) are the major influence on most people's 
| opinion of a desktop. When you launch an application, the desktop is simply 
| something to move past as quickly as possibly.  
| Similarly, a desktop's system administration tools are used only 
| occasionally -- and many of us still prefer to use the command line. By 
| contrast, a desktop's PIM tools are used daily, and switching to new tools 
| can be disconcerting.   
| This basic fact was rammed home for me when I recently switched from GNOME to 
| KDE on my main computer. I had little trouble learning my way around KDE, and  
| I continued to use many of the same programs, such as Firefox and 
| OpenOffice.org.   



Kontact: The Swiss Army Knife of PIMs

,----[ Quote ]
| Kontact is the KDE entry in the groupware client race. It is the proverbial
| tortoise in a race with one giant hare, but as the race continues, Kontact
| improves and evolves at a faster pace than any of its competition. Does that
| mean Kontact is ready to usurp your current groupware client? Probably not,
| but it is definately worth a long, hard look. With that in mind, let’s take a
| look at the features it offers.


Kontact: Contacts (KAddressBook)

,----[ Quote ]
| In the last article I was very positive toward the Kontact suit. However,
| Contacts is the exception to this. The interface is way too cluttered and
| wastes too much space. From the main interface to the Contact editor,
| everything seems like it could be fairly better.



Kontact and Citadel - experiences

,----[ Quote ]
| While there are many FLOSS Groupware servers out there, hardly any one them
| is reliable working with any FLOSS client. Recently my company had to bring
| Citadel and Kontact together, and we used the opportunity to patch while we
| go.

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