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[News] GNU/Linux in the Mainstream Press Again

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Options abound for transferring film to DVD

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: The Windows XP system on my notebook computer is near collapse. I was 
| about to scrub the memory clean and reinstall Windows, when someone suggested 
| that now might be the time to switch to Linux. I use a lot of Windows 
| programs including Photoshop. Am I setting myself up for a world of 
| frustration by trying to break the ties to Windows?    
| A: Perhaps. I'm a big Linux fan. It's faster than Windows, and free 
| distributions of it such as Ubuntu (ubuntu.com) and Fedora 
| (fedoraproject.org) boast Windows-like interfaces that make them a breeze to 
| use.   
| Unfortunately, a lot of mainstream Windows programs, including Photoshop and 
| Microsoft Office, are not available for Linux. Fortunately, there are decent 
| substitutes, including Gimp (photo-editing software from gimp.org) and 
| OpenOffice (an office application suite from openoffice.org). Both are free.    


A decade on and tech company is still growing strong

,----[ Quote ]
| The company works mostly with open-source technology. Open-source software is 
| much like other software but its source code - the actual programming - is 
| accessible to anybody and can be customized on the fly. Many of the basic 
| programs are available free online. Online communities have emerged to build 
| on, improve and debug more popular open-source programs such as the Internet 
| browser Firefox, the OpenOffice suite of productivity software and the 
| operating system Linux.      



Finding Linux Systems Where They Never Were Found Before

,----[ Quote ]
| I regularly receive a catalog from Tiger Direct in the mail Up until very
| recently every system, desktop and laptop, in their catalog ran Windows and
| sported a Windows logo in the ad. While the majority still do a half a dozen
| laptops, all low-end netbooks, are sold with Linux preinstalled and the Tux
| logo is prominently featured in some of the ads. Linux netbooks by Sylvania,
| Asus, HP, and Acer are all prominently advertised alongside Windows systems.
| Searching for Linux on their website reveals additional models available
| preloaded with Linux.

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