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[News] Microsoft Hit by Software Patents, New Zealand at Risk

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Microsoft To Pay Damages To Canadian Firm For Patent Infringement


URGENT: Unlimited Software Patents In New Zealand. Act Now!

,----[ Quote ]
| Logo of End Software Patents website
| NZ government is about to pass a new Patents Act.  In the 8-year review, they 
| seemingly forgot to consider the impacts of patents on computer software!  
| Submissions on the bill are being accepted till 2 July, so we need to move 
| fast.   



Open source activists target software patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source champions are pushing to eliminate software patents from New
| Zealand through a Patents Bill now at the select committee stage in
| Parliament.
| Such patents have been accepted by default for many years, but this is
| damaging to the software industry, which subsists to a great extent on
| adapting and including the ideas of previous inventors, says New Zealand Open
| Source Society president Don Christie.


Imminent threat of software patents in New Zealand

,----[ Quote ]
| The director of the End Software Patents campaign Ciaran O'Riordan writes to
| warn of an imminent threat of software patents in New Zealand...


Software patents – unwelcome and unwanted

,----[ Quote ]
| Software patents are not currently available in New Zealand, although several
| companies have tried to get “by the back door”, i.e. by tying the software
| idea they want to patent to some piece of hardware.
| A software patent is a state-enforced monopoly on a idea. They exist in the
| US and some other countries, but not in many places including New Zealand. We
| don’t need or want them here. If you want some reasons, here are five good
| ones:


New Zealand Denies It's Scrapping Copyright Laws

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite widespread reports last week that New Zealand was going to scrap its
| copyright laws, and start from scratch, Tom Rix writes in to point out that
| New Zealand officials are now denying this report and saying they're still
| working on a new version of the copyright amendment that was a source of
| tremendous controversy recently.


Entire Copyright Act to be scrapped

,----[ Quote ]
| The National government will freeze any further changes to the Copyright Act
| with an eye to throwing the whole thing out and rewriting it from scratch.
| Over the last two months the National government has progressively scrapped
| Labour’s ‘band-aid’ adjustments to the Copyright Act 1994.

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