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[News] Slackware Eternally Keeps a Place in People's Hearts and Computers

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Five Reasons I Prefer Slackware Over Ubuntu

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| Really, when I thought about doing this I wondered if I could come up with 
| five reasons but now I’m sure I could go on much longer. Slackware is the 
| oldest existing Linux distribution and it didn’t get to being around this 
| long by being sub par. There’s a general consensus that the post install 
| configuration of Slackware may be a bit too challenging for beginners, but I 
| think anyone who can read a copy of the Slackbook and use a Slackware forum 
| if need be would be able to do it. Believe me, it’s worth the initial effort 
| and like Trent of the Linux Critic says-once you go slack, you never go back.       



The beginner's guide to Slackware Linux

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| With Pat's central role in Slackware firmly established, we come on to
| patches. Most distros take the original, upstream source code of a program
| and weld on patches – one, two, 10, often more – to fit it in with the rest
| of the software and distro. That's fine for many users, but if you want to be
| sure you're getting what the developer originally intended, you're better off
| with Slackware.


Slackware Changes Package Compression Format

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| I run slackware-current on my main workstation and I should keep up to date
| more often than I do. Anyway, on May 8th Patrick switched over to the new
| compression format of xz, based on an LZMA compression algorithm. This
| significantly reduces the size of compressed packages. Great stuff. Anyway, I
| noticed this because when I ran slackpkg upgrade-all it continuously failed.
| I was a bit perplexed but it’s an easy fix if you are a bit late.

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