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[News] [Rival] Microsoft to Pay Another Fine for Crimes in "Funny Money"

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Microsoft to pay $4.4M in Arizona antitrust settlement


Ariz. Gets $4.4M In Microsoft Antitrust Settlement

,----[ Quote ]
| A judge has granted preliminary approval of a Microsoft Corp. antitrust class 
| action settlement that will see the software giant give government entities 
| in Arizona $4.4 million to purchase new computer equipment.  



Microsoft settles suit with Mississippi for $100 mln

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft faced a rush of class-action suits on behalf of consumers in
| individual states after a U.S. federal judge found in 2000 that the world's
| largest software company abused its monopoly power by tying its Internet
| Explorer browser to its Windows operating system.



Crimes Microsoft Gets Away With - So Far

,----[ Quote ]
| News publications are cautious about making accusations, and because of that,
| some nasty acts of Microsoft are essentially being erased from the record.
| [...]
| Microsoft convinced Baystar Capital to put $50 Million dollars into SCO's
| lawsuit against IBM and other Open Source users, and promised to "backstop"
| Baystar's investment if SCO lost money, according to this sworn testimony.
| But I'm told that one person's testimony, even sworn testimony, isn't proof.


Microsoft tries to avoid Ballmer deposition in Vista suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is the subject of a new legal
| squabble in a lawsuit over the company's Windows Vista marketing practices.


Is MS Preening in Public Posts?

,----[ Quote ]
| The author of the email, posted on ZDNet in a Talkback forum on the Microsoft
| antitrust trial, claimed her name was Michelle Bradley and that she
| had "retired" from Microsoft last week.
| "A verbal memo [no email allowed] was passed around the MS campus encouraging
| MS employee's to post to ZDNet articles like this one," the email said.
| "The theme is 'Microsoft is responsible for all good things in computerdom.'
| The government has no right to prevent MS from doing anything. Period.
| The 'memo' suggests we use fictional names and state and to identify
| ourselves as students," the author claimed.


Unclear if Microsoft memo will be allowed evidence

,----[ Quote ]
| A memo by Microsoft's Jim Durkin recalled a meeting by Gates and other
| executives in which Gates said of RealNetworks: "This is a strategic area,
| and we need to win it."  
| The same memo dated June 5, 1997, quotes another senior Microsoft executive,
| Robert Muglia, as saying that RealNetworks is "like Netscape, the only
| difference is we have a chance to start this battle earlier in the game".  

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