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[News] Sub-notebooks with GNU/Linux Cost Just £149.99

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£149.99 Acer Aspire One A150-Aw Linux Netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| The Aspire one was designed to get you online in no time at all and thanks to 
| the Linpus Linux Lite operating system, start up and shut down times are 
| reduced to the minimum. With the Aspire one running on Linux environment, the 
| simplicity continues with the intuitive and specifically optimized software 
| interface.    



Acer Aspire Revo hits retail, is surprisingly affordable

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, the supposedly-affordable-and-tiny 1080p-capable PC has become
| available at Play.com, and it's... well, surprisingly affordable. Today's
| listings show the base model - equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N230
| processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8GB SSD, GeForce 9400M graphics and a Linux
| operating system - etailing at a cost of £149.99.


Acer ponders Android smartphone

,----[ Quote ]
| Acer has followed in the footsteps of arch rival Asus with talk of possible
| plans to launch an Android-based smartphone.


Thin Acer Aspire One netbook suggests SSD, Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Before Acer moved to 10-inch netbooks from 8.9-inch versions, it used such a
| slot to bolster the limited storage capacity for its SSD-equipped Aspire
| Ones.


One month of living with an Acer Aspire One and Fedora 10

,----[ Quote ]
| Personally, I like the little fellow and Fedora 10 works well! ;-)


Acer Aspire One and Fedora 10

,----[ Quote ]
| This particular Netbook has been on the market a while and
| a number of people have shared their experiences with
| changing the operating system. My first thought was to
| install the latest version of Ubuntu Linux but research
| seemed to indicate that Fedora 10 was perhaps a little more
| compatible with the Aspire One hardware and would require
| less command line tinkering.
| I’m sure the situation of Linux release compatibility is
| constantly changing so my choice may not match your own
| decision.
| Not being sure how successful this Linux transformation
| would be, I decided to leave Windows XP on the Aspire One
| and have it dual-boot Linux and Windows. What follows are
| the basic steps for accomplishing this from the 10,000 foot
| level. You can find much more detail and knowledge here,
| here and here.


Review: Acer Aspire One

,----[ Quote ]
| So overall, I like the Aspire One. It's much better than the similarly priced
| Asus Eee PC 701, but I will be installing Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex on it this
| weekend already.
| Rating: 8/10


The Acer Aspire One Netbook Review

,----[ Quote ]
| We'll be taking a look at the Acer's Aspire One, which makes its debut into
| the rough and ever-evolving world of the netbook market. Featuring an
| 8.9-inch screen packed into a compact frame, this version of the Aspire One
| that we're reviewing uses Linux and has only 8GB of storage space, similar to
| the earlier ASUS Eee PC models. Size wise, this unit is slightly bigger than
| the Eee PC 901, but still smaller than the MSI Wind NB U100.


Acer Aspire One: the new sub-laptop to beat?

,----[ Quote ]
| Mind you, the 120GB HDD-equipped One is only down as £30 more and comes with
| 1GB of memory rather than 512MB, though that's plenty for Linux and do you
| really want a hard drive in a machine that's going to be chucked around a
| lot? Well, at least you have the choice.



Acer: PC industry 'disappointed' with Vista

,----[ Quote
| Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to
| openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system in the
| Financial Times Deutschland on Monday.
| Lanci said the operating system was riddled with problems and gave users and
| businesses no reason to buy a new PC, according to the report. Taiwan-based
| Acer is the world's fourth-largest PC manufacturer, after HP, Dell and
| Lenovo.
| "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," Lanci said.

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