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[News] How Changes in the Desktop Metaphor Serve as Opportunity for GNU/Linux

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Changing the Desktop Metaphor

,----[ Quote ]
| But now, the metaphor is shifting yet again. Servers have grown powerful 
| enough with clustering and processing advances that they have started to take 
| back the heavy workloads from the desktop/laptop clients. Sure, some work is 
| done locally, but more and more we are seeing really big workloads going back 
| to the server environment, which thanks to Internet connectivity, we 
| euphemistically refer to as "the cloud." For me, I am watching the cycle of 
| the early 90s reverse itself, as the data lives and works out in the cloud, 
| and we access it through more sophisticated browsers and add-ons.       
| The desktop metaphor, then, is dying. The new metaphor is the window.



Killing the Desktop Metaphor with GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| The desktop metaphor as we typically know it reproduces some of the concepts
| of the real world, which brings its share of drawbacks. While GNOME still
| uses this metaphor by default, we can, however, customize it to fulfill more
| efficiently the needs of the increasingly complex information flow that we
| experience on a daily basis.
| I am aware that this article flogs a three-decade-old zombie horse. I haven't
| yet, however, found a more efficient workflow than the one I am hereby
| presenting, and I would be very interested in comments you may have regarding
| making it better optimized. If you have something you would like me to add to
| this article, praises or expressions of undying love, feel free to email me.

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