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Re: Signs That Free Software and GNU/Linux Are Killing Microsoft

nessuno wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Two clues Microsoft is losing its way
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> Two new Microsoft directives suggest that the writing is
>>> on the wall for the once-great company. And this isn't
>>> even to mention Microsoft's tactics to squash Linux's
>>> growth in the Netbook market.
>>> First, Microsoft has kicked off a "Get the Facts" browser
>>> campaign that is long on hyperbole and short on facts.
>>> Reading Microsoft's browser comparison chart, one would
>>> think that using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is a
>>> fast track to leprosy: IE apparently dominates in
>>> security, privacy, ease of use, healing the sick, and
>>> causing the lame to walk.
>> `----
>> http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10269990-16.html
> Ballmer says he's willing to spend 10% of Microsoft's income
> for the next 5 years to beat Google.  This of course includes
> bribes to get people to use Bing instead of Google.  The
> latest is that Microsoft will donate to environmental causes
> if you download IE8.  Of course their "donation" will
> probably consist of vouchers for Microsoft software.  Linux is
> doing its part by forcing Microsoft to lower prices in the
> netbook area and keeping XP alive longer than it would have
> been, among other things.

I saw eMachines base unit going for $298 US at Wal-Mart the other
day, with Vista Home Basic.  This means that Microsoft must have
significantly lowered the price of VHB to a song, in order to
shut out Linux.

I would never buy VHB, because of the limited amount of legacy
software it runs.  At least XP would run most Windows 95
software.  Someone who purchased an older favourite game or
application, who was quite satisfied with the older software,
Ulead PhotoImpact 4.3 for example, could continue using it
without shelling out extra cash.

The mandatory upgrade cycles forced by software manufacturers
need not be such.  The accusations of Linux users being
"freetards" is an unjust statement, as this is a normal part of
human nature, Windows users included.  The pirating of Windows
application software is a good example.

I would say that most Linux users are a cut above many Windows
users, as use of the Linux operating system and applications are
viable options to pirating Windows software.


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