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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Works Like the Mafia: Pays More Dudes to Attack Google

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Google Critic Paid By Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| While Cleland asserts that his testimony reflects his personal views and not 
| the views of his clients, Google sympathizers wonder if his new affiliation 
| with Microsoft might further fuel what they believe is an already staunchly 
| anti-Google agenda. Last December, Precursor issued a report alleging that 
| Google "is by far the largest user of Internet bandwidth," the company's 
| share of bandwidth usage is rising rapidly, and it's bandwidth use "is orders 
| of magnitude greater than its payment for its cost." Google's telecom counsel 
| Richard Whitt responded to the attack, calling the report "payola punditry." 
| Google Associate General Counsel Nicole Wong will testify Thursday, 
| presumably in defense of her firm's practices.         


Another Kind of Payola Pundit

,----[ Quote ] 
| "Telecommunications analyst Scott Cleland, whose work is bankrolled by 
| companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, also signed on as a hired gun for 
| Microsoft earlier this year," reports National Journal. Cleland is "a 
| frequent critic of Google" who "runs Precursor, an industry research and 
| consulting firm, and chairs NetCompetition.org, which he describes as 'a 
| pro-competition e-forum funded by broadband companies.'"     


Fred Williams: "The DOJ is owned by Microsoft. They will do nothing! It would
take an act of God to get them to pry their lips of Microsoft's butt. Is it OK
to say butt?"

GreyGeek: "It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Microsoft OWNS Obama and most
of both major political parties, thanks to their "campaign contributions" and
the LACK of ethics by all parties concerned. Hardly 6 months in office and
Obama has backpeddled on so many of his oft-repeated campaign promises those
who voted for him are beginning to feel used, and those who campaigned for him
feel more like they've become members of the first profession.

"If the TRIPS FOR JUDGES website is any indication, judges are treated to
luxury "seminars" hosted by PR firms financed by Microsoft and other monopoly
interest where the judges are taught HOW to circumvent the anti-trust laws in
their rulings."


Last week:

What An Anti-Google Whisper Campaign Looks Like

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, over the weekend we got an email from Will Rodger of LMG Inc, a
| Washington-based public affairs firm that is known to work with Microsoft and
| specializes in "next-generation services such as viral and online campaigns."
| The email pointed out a total of three Googlers have been poached by the
| Obama administration. It read:
| "This looks like a full embrace of Google by the White House.  We do not
| remember a time when one company had so many executives leave to serve a
| single administration. Others may have a better handle on the history."


Rob Weir Exposes an Anti-ODF Whisper Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| Alex Brown, the convenor of the OOXML BRM, has been editing Wikipedia's
| article on ODF. That strikes me odd, like finding out Steve Jobs had been
| editing the Microsoft Zune page. Some things are simply inappropriate. It
| puzzles me why Wikipedia allows it, frankly.
| If you read the talk page on ODF, you'll see that there are others there
| trying mightily to spin the article on ODF more negatively than is factual.
| And such rudeness! Plenty of smears against Groklaw too, I couldn't help but
| notice. It does seem to me that there is a marked increase in what I view as
| a concerted submarine marketing effort. Some of it is subtle. Most of it is
| not. A fair measure of it is mean-spirited. Some of it is lies, pure and
| simple.
| In the good old days, dead people supported Microsoft, if you remember that
| funny headline about a pro-Microsoft astroturfing campaign, but at least it
| wasn't a smear campaign, just pro-Microsoft. Nowadays, I think I would have
| to rewrite the headline to read, "Mean People Support Microsoft." Or worse.
| You see, Groklaw has been visited recently by several OOXML types, including
| Alex Brown, Doug Mahue of Microsoft, and Rick Jelliffe, all singing pretty
| much the same songs, posting on our ODF articles, so I got to watch it close
| up. I puzzled over it, because they seemed so deliberately rude.


ODF Lies and Whispers

,----[ Quote ]
| So what is one to do? You obviously can't trust Wikipedia whatsoever in this
| area. This is unfortunate, since I am a big fan of Wikipedia. But since the
| day when Microsoft decided they needed to pay people to "improve" the ODF and
| OOXML articles, they have been a cesspool of FUD, spin and outright lies,
| seemingly manufactured for Microsoft's re-use in their whisper campaign. My
| advice would be to seek out official information on the standards, from the
| relevant organizations, like OASIS, the chairs of the relevant committees,
| etc. Ask the questions in public places and seek a public response. That is
| the ultimate weakness of FUD and lies. They cannot stand the light of public
| exposure. Sunlight is the best antiseptic.

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