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[News] PostgreSQL 8.4 Now in Release Candidate Phase

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PostgreSQL 8.4 on the home straight

,----[ Quote ]
| The PostgreSQL developers have published a first release candidate for 
| version 8.4 of the free database system with a final version due later this 
| month.   



EnterpriseDB Smooths Way for Oracle App Migration

,----[ Quote ]
| EnterpriseDB, which has commercialized the PostgreSQL open source database,
| announced on Tuesday the fifth version of its Postgres Plus Advanced Server.
| This latest version of EnterpriseDB's relational database management system
| is designed to let users easily migrate more Oracle applications in order to
| cut costs. It also provides massive scalability using commodity hardware
| through its Infinite Cache feature. While several open source databases are
| available, demand for PostgreSQL is strong because enterprises are
| emphasizing analytics in database management systems.


First beta of PostgreSQL 8.4 released for testing

,----[ Quote ]
| The first beta of version 8.4 of PostgreSQL, the free object-relational
| database system, developed under the umbrella of the PostgreSQL Global
| Development Group, has been released. After fourteen months in development,
| the new release contains hundreds of patches and dozens of new features.


EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Wins Jolt Product Excellence Award

,----[ Quote ]
| EnterpriseDB, the leading enterprise-class open source database company,
| announced today that Postgres Plus has won the 2009 Jolt Product Excellence
| Award in the Best Database Engines and Data Tools category. The Jolt Awards
| honor products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and
| have made the task of creating software faster, easier, and more efficient.
| Winners were selected from among hundreds of qualified nominations and were
| chosen by a team of twenty esteemed industry insiders, columnists, and
| technology leaders.


PostgreSQL To Get Boost From Telecom Giant

,----[ Quote ]
| Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. has agreed to co-develop with Enterprise
| DB a feature of modern database management systems: synchronous replication.


What hi5 Networks' PostgreSQL installation tells us about Web 2.0 and open

,----[ Quote ]
| In hi5's case, it was already using PostgreSQL before it selected
| EnterpriseDB to offer services around its PostgreSQL deployment. EnterpriseDB
| did a quick review with hi5, discovered that its PostgreSQL deployment wasn't
| optimized, and convinced hi5 that it could improve PostgreSQL's performance.

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