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[News] Exploration of Distributions of GNU/Linux Other Than Ubuntu

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Ubuntu's A Fading Memory, PCLinuxOS and 64 Studio Are Fab. So Far.

,----[ Quote ]
| These performance differences are so large I may have to make time to 
| investigate why. These PCs are all different: AMD Sempron and Athlon, SATA 
| 3.0, 1-2GB RAM, ATI and NVidia, and the Thinkpad is an Intel Core Duo with 
| 1GB RAM and Intel video. The video and wireless drivers are all supported by 
| genuine FOSS drivers in the kernel; no extra fuss required. I shop carefully 
| and select well-supported components because I surely do hate 
| diagnosis-and-fixit drama.      


Comparing MEPIS 8 and Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| I first tweeted about Ubutu 9.04 a week ago. Now I know I’m not exactly 
| comparing apples with apples, since MEPIS 8 is based on Debian 5.0 and uses 
| KDE 3.5, whilst Ubuntu 9.04 uses GNOME 2. I might be better off evaluating 
| Kubuntu, the 9.04 release uses KDE 4, which I’d used previously, and disliked 
| due to its (apparent) gradual reduction in speed.    
| [...]
| I’ve no issues with Synaptic, as it is used to manage packages in both MEPIS 
| and Ubuntu. 
| I loved to use Dropbox and Meld in Ubuntu, so much that I was probably 
| willing to accept the differences between kate/gedit, konsole/terminal, 
| katapult/do.  
| What was frustrating to me was to develop halfway, and then have to wait for 
| the system to return control of the UI to me, and if not reboot. 
| The overall score is MEPIS 3, Ubuntu 1.5. This scoreline is obviously 
| subjective, but you’ve heard all the good things about Ubuntu, have a 
| slow(er) laptop, please do consider MEPIS. Both MEPIS and Ubuntu support 
| audio/wireless networking flawlessly, unlike (cough, cough) Debian.   
| At this point, I really don’t see the benefits of using Ubuntu (mostly due to 
| its speed/stability issues) over MEPIS, so yeah, I’m a fan. 



Canonical to Certify Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition on HP ProLiant G6

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux project, is expected to
| announce a collaboration with Hewlett-Packard to deliver an additional
| high-performance server configuration for Ubuntu users.


HP Captures No. 1 Position in Worldwide Server Shipments and Revenue for First
Quarter of 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| HP grew Linux server vendor revenue by 18.1 percent and unit shipments by 9.6
| percent year over year to remain the No. 1 Linux server vendor worldwide.

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