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[News] Demonstration of the Power of Themes in GNU/Linux

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Transform Kubuntu Jaunty to Windows 7 In 3 Simple Steps

,----[ Quote ]
| One thing that I love about Linux (and Ubuntu) is that it is fully 
| customizable and I can configure it to the way that I want it. Previously, I 
| have already illustrated its flexibility by showing how you can transform 
| Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid into Mac OS X. Today, let’s bring a step further 
| and see how we can transform Kubuntu Jaunty to Windows 7 in 3 simple steps.    
| In this tutorial, we will make use of the Vistar7 - Windows 7 transformation 
| pack to perform the transformation. This transformation pack has a nice 
| collection of Windows 7 themes and comes with an installation script to make 
| the whole transformation a breeze.    


some [KDE] quickies


15 Cool and Unique GDM Themes

,----[ Quote ]
| Not long ago, we've featured here some of the most beautiful KDM themes 
| available for all the KDE users out there. So it's only appropriate to give 
| GNOME lovers a little treat by presenting several good looking GDM themes 
| this time around.   



Fun Wallpapers: The Linux Desktop Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Yeah, it's a little ironic that we'd put together a collection of Linux
| wallpapers since we cover mostly Microsoft topics—but we're also fans of
| open-source goodness and use Linux all the time.



Funny And Fun Wallpapers: Linux And Unix Humor On A Monday

,----[ Quote ]
| NOTE: Some of the pictures have been trimmed by my column width. Not so much
| so that I want to fuss over them all. They're all available at the site
| linked to above :)


125+ Linux wallpapers

,----[ Quote ]
| 101 of the best Linux wallpapers I could find in the wild…


15 Coolest GNU Wallpapers

,----[ Quote ]
| There are plenty of high-quality Linux wallpapers that you can get on the
| web, but not that much for the good-old GNU (GNU's Not Unix). So, I decided
| to take some time to find and collect a few of my favorite GNU wallpapers in
| existence.


20 Coolest Linux Distro-themed Wallpapers

,----[ Quote ]
| Since my list of 25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers unexpectedly became a huge hit,
| I’m going to share to you some more to keep the Linux pride alive. This time,
| I have collected some of the coolest, high quality distro-themed wallpapers.
| I know that you are excited already, so let’s cut to the chase and just
| present to you the "20 Coolest Linux Distro-themed Wallpapers" in no
| particular order.


15 Beautiful Ubuntu Wallpapers for a Sleeker Intrepid Ibex

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" is just moments away. If indeed
| this latest version of Ubuntu will sport a new theme, then we will certainly
| be seeing an ultra-fresh default wallpaper. I've seen several great-looking
| wallpapers posted at Ubuntu Wiki that would look good on Intrepid Ibex (see
| below).

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