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[News] SCO's Destiny Remains Uncertain

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SCO's Proposed Buyer and Mail Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on ComputerWorld on SCO rising from the 
| dead. We'll see. I'd describe it more like keeping the patient on life 
| support, while hoping for a cure. The plan hasn't been approved yet, y'all.  
| [...]
| So is Unix heading to Iraq? Google is your friend. Nothing SCO does surprises 
| me any more, though, not even yesterday's events. In fact, privately I 
| predicted to several Groklaw folks that this is more or less the kind of 
| thing I thought they'd try. SCO never gives up. The judge seemed surprised, 
| calling it a Perry Mason moment. But that's because he doesn't know SCO like 
| we do.     



SCO vs. Linux: New investor rescues SCO from bankruptcy

,----[ Quote ]
| In yet another bizarre twist in the interminable legal dispute over source
| code allegedly illegally copied from UNIX System V into Linux, the SCO Group,
| which claims ownership of the disputed code, has secured a last-gasp reprieve
| from the threat of liquidation. Immediately before the crucial liquidation
| hearing in the bankruptcy court, SCO CEO Darl McBride signed an agreement
| with a company by the name of Gulf Capital Partners, backed by well-known
| investor Stephen Norris. Caught out by the surprise development, all parties
| have agreed to postpone the liquidation hearing until the 16th or the 27th of
| July.


SCO Group strikes deal just before bankruptcy hearing

,----[ Quote ]
| The SCO Group lives.
| Facing life or death, officers of the embattled Utah software company signed
| a deal Monday just before walking into a federal bankruptcy courtroom for a
| hearing on motions to liquidate it. Instead, they proposed selling off the
| company's Unix business to a London-based firm, while keeping its licensing
| claims that are part of high-profile lawsuits involving IBM, Novell and other
| companies.
| The SCO Group also would retain its mobile application business, an area
| where it sees big potential growth.
| "We signed that deal just minutes before the court hearing, and walked in and
| handed it to them, " said Darl McBride, CEO of Lindon-based SCO.


Last Minute Filings in SCO Bankruptcy - Hearing Later Today - Update: 1st word;
2nd Update


After the Hearing: Reports From Our Eyewitnesses - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| So, the bottom line of the day is that the proposed sale to
| Gulf-Cap-whatever-their-name-really-turns-out-to-be (see previous article)
| will have a hearing on July 16, as Webster earlier reported. So we will no
| doubt get to see the proposed agreement filed, and then objections, the usual
| song and dance. So, bottom line? Delay, delay, delay. It's too bad SCO can't
| package it up and sell delay. They'd make a fortune. It is what they are best
| at, I'd say.


After the Hearing: Reports From Our Eyewitnesses


SCO Does It, Quite Frankly, As Usual

,----[ Quote ]
| As it stands, everything remains up in the air — the proposed sale is by no
| means final, and if it is like any of the others, is likely nothing more than
| a delaying tactic. If the judge has any sense about him, when and if this
| deal falls through like all the rest, he'll wake up and finally start
| sanctioning SCO for treating the Bankruptcy Code like kindling. If it falls
| through by next month's hearing, SCO will need a miracle even Satan couldn't
| help them get to avoid conversion into a Chapter 7 — once the Chapter 7
| trustee gets his hands on them, they'll find themselves sold off faster than
| $5 Ferraris. By the time it finally happens, that champagne we all put away
| in 2002 will be just about right.

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