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[News] MAFIAA Cracks Down on Music Being Played in Public

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Recording Industry: Radio Is Piracy, But Not Playing Our Music Is A Federal

,----[ Quote ]
| It appears that the big record labels and their lobbyists aren't content with 
| just suing and shaking down students across the country -- now they want to  
| threaten them for taking a political stand as well. Earlier this week, 
| musicFIRST, the big time lobbying group put together by the RIAA to push for 
| the highly questionable.   


I'll have a little Elvis with that, thanks

,----[ Quote ]
| CAFE and restaurant patrons could soon be eating in silence, after a proposal 
| by Australia's largest record labels to increase the cost of background music 
| by up to 2000 times.  
| The push to raise the cost of playing recorded music could also make gym 
| membership more expensive unless fitness classes use artists excluded by 
| Australian copyright laws, including Elvis Presley and Beethoven.  



PRS Threatens Woman For Playing Radio To Her Horses Without Paying A Licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest (sent in by a few folks) is that PRS has now threatened a woman
| who plays classical music to her horses in her stable to keep them calm. She
| had been turning on the local classical music station, saying that it helped
| keep the horse calm -- but PRS is demanding £99 if she wants to keep
| providing such a "public performance." And it's not just a one-off.
| Apparently a bunch of stables have been receiving such calls.
| Obviously, this is not a case of random excessive attempts by PRS to squeeze
| more money out of people. It's become systematic. The group seems to believe
| that playing music in almost any situation now constitutes a public
| performance and requires a licensing fee. You just know they're salivating
| over the opportunity to go after people playing music in their cars with the
| windows down.


Days ago:

Price Increase: Sirius XM to pass Music Royalty Fees to consumers

,----[ Quote ]
| Satellite radio subscribers will be seeing their subscription price grow by
| nearly $2 a month thanks to increased music royalty rates, according to
| leaked internal company document.


America's radio lobby 'fighting dirty'

,----[ Quote ]
| Hollywood? That's not a daft guess. The MPAA is a lobby that wines and dines.
| The RIAA, you say? Get out of here! This once fierce attack dog is now a
| toothless old hound, its bark worse than its bite. It's only bloggers and law
| professors with a peculiar psychological quirk - (they love to feel
| victimised) - who have morphed the RIAA into the Beast with Many Heads. So
| that's not the right answer

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