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[News] YouTube May Move to Web Standards, Ogg

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HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight?

,----[ Quote ]
| HTML 5, a groundbreaking upgrade to the prominent Web presentation 
| specification, could become a game-changer in Web application development, 
| one that might even make obsolete such plug-in-based rich Internet 
| application (RIA) technologies as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun 
| JavaFX.    
| The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML 5 proposal [1] is geared toward 
| Web applications, something not adequately addressed in previous incarnations 
| of HTML, the W3C acknowledges. In other words, HTML 5 tackles the gap that 
| Flash, Silverlight, and JavaFX are trying to fill.   
| [...]
| Google may also face some touchy decisions. For example, its YouTube 
| subsidiary uses Flash for its video, but the inclusion of HTML 5 capabilities 
| in browsers might cause YouTube to rethink that decision, notes Fette. "It's 
| a cost/benefit analysis that they'd need to make."   


Open Letter to Google's Eric Schmidt Requesting HTTPS 

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Mail, Calendar and Docs could be vulnerable. That's the argument an 
| open letter to Google's CEO Eric Schmidt makes, thereby asking him to adopt 
| the HTTPS standard for data transfers for these applications.   


The Biggest FOSS Challenge: the Smart Grid

,----[ Quote ]
| Andy Updegrove, ace attorney and author of the excellent Standards Blog, is 
| one of the few people who understands the real implications behind 
| seemingly-simple goals like "Let's have paperless networked medical records 
| so health care workers can be more efficient" and "Let's have a smart 
| electrical grid that manages electricity delivery intelligently."     



Google toys with plug-in free YouTube

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has mocked up a version of YouTube built around the HTML5 video tag,
| playing mini-movies inside a browser sans plug-ins.

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