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[News] GroundWork and xTuple Spread FOSS as Business Entities

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xTuple Promotes Open Source ERP to Partners

,----[ Quote ]
| Read the partner marketing materials a bit further, and you’ll discover 
| xTuple has more than doubled its sales and internal staff in the past year. 
| Now, xTuple is building a partner program to accelerate that growth. In 
| addition to traditional resellers and consultants, xTuple seeks SaaS 
| (software as a service) partners that want to host xTuple on their own. 
| (xTuple, by the way, has no plans to become a SaaS provider on its own.)     


xTuple Opens an Online Store for ERP Extensions


Open Source Management Line Evolves to Ecosystem

,----[ Quote ]
| GroundWork Open Source has begun beta testing GroundWork Monitor 6.0, which 
| includes the company’s first software development kit. With it, third parties 
| and customers can extend the system’s capabilities to collect information 
| from other devices and control them.    



Linux triumphs in UK schools as hell freezes over

,----[ Quote ]
| This post comes hard on the heels of an important piece of news... at least
| two Open Source companies have become part of the Becta's official list of
| suppliers to the education sector. The new procurement frame work under the
| aegis of the OGC relaunches the supply of ICT to education. The emphasis is
| clear: deliver value for money to UK schools.
| It was not long ago that most commentators believed an Open Source company
| would join the likes of Capita, Serco and RM shortly after hell froze over.
| But times do change. In this case the driving force for change seems to be
| (we presume) the well-known cost-benefit values of Linux and other Open
| Source software.

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