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[News] K Desktop Environment Turns Social, Introduction to Étoilé

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Social Desktop Contest

,----[ Quote ]
| Today we are launching the Social Desktop Contest. As you know the idea of 
| the Social Desktop is to connect online webservices with desktop 
| applications. We give away great prices to developers who help making this 
| vision reality.   
| The Open Collaboration Services API has gotten many new features in the past 
| few months and is now stable. The first features will ship with KDE 4.3, but 
| this is only the beginning. Now that the infrastructure is in place we think 
| that it is a good time to open up the development to more developers.   


Make Your Computer Desktop Do Your Bidding With Étoilé

,----[ Quote ]
| Typical Linux desktop options like KDE and GNOME  limit the way computer 
| users interact with the applications and programs on their systems. There's 
| not much to do beyond opening and closing an app, and moving or resizing a 
| window. The development team behind Étoilé is building a desktop interface 
| that aims to stand that idea on its head and let users create workflows that 
| work best for them.     



Étoilé 0.2 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Étoilé project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of the 
| Étoilé User Environment for UNIX-like systems. The Étoilé project aims to 
| produce a user environment for desktop and small form-factor devices, with 
| tight integration between components. The 0.2 release is primarily targeted 
| at developers interested in a GNUstep-based environment.    


Etoile Live CD 0.2-RC1 Screenshot Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| The Etoile project has released version 0.2 RC1 of their live CD. The Etoile 
| project aims to produce a document-centric desktop and post-desktop 
| environment. The project is built on top of GNUstep, a high-quality Free 
| Software implementation of the OpenStep specification from Sun and NeXT and 
| popularised by Apple as Cocoa.    


Summary of the Etoile conference, 28th of April 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| I will recreate an environment for building the LiveCD from scratch (will
| now be built on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn LiveCD). To help in this process, 
| Nicolas sent me the current LiveCD scripts. I hope to succeed in two
| or three weeks.

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