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[News] Firefox 3.5 Reaches Release Candidate, Other Development News

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Mozilla pushes Firefox 3.5 RC to beta testers

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've been using the Firefox 3.5 beta, you now get to upgrade to the 
| release candidate for Firefox 3.5.  


Firefox 3.5 RC1 emerges

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mozilla developers have released the first release candidate (RC1) of 
| version 3.5 of their open source Firefox web browser, code named "Shiretoko". 
| The release, currently only available to Firefox 3.5 beta and preview users, 
| includes several new features and performance improvements.   


about:mozilla - Service Week, New AMO, Community store, 3.5 demos, FSOSS,
audio/video, Design Challenge, Weave, Jetpack, Personas, and more…

,----[ Quote ]
| # Mozilla Service Week launches!
| # New AMO and Add-on collections
| # Show us your speed
| # Get creative with the Firefox 3.5 launch
| # Firefox 3.5 feature demos
| # Update to Firefox 3.0.11 now available
| # FSOSS 2009 accepting proposals
| # Commit access policy revised
| # Audio and video elements and assistive technologies
| # Design Challenge submission deadline: June 21st



Firefox 3.5, RC1, Slated for Friday--Many New Features

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla's much awaited Release Candidate of the Firefox 3.5 browser has been
| through several delays, but, as Webware reports, Firefox director Mike
| Beltzner says it will arrive this Friday. Beltzner also says the final
| release of Firefox 3.5 will come out before the end of the month. If you
| haven't been using the beta versions of the the browser, it's much faster,
| and has more than 5,000 new features. Mozilla is also pointing out some
| articles and video demos that show off the new features.


Mozilla preps Firefox 3.5 for imminent launch

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has confirmed that it will be hosting an official "test day" for
| Firefox 3.5 on Friday, May 29.
| "I don't need to remind everyone of how important this phase is, so we're
| going to need your awesome testing skills to make sure its as polished as
| possible," wrote Mozilla engineer Aakashd in an official blog post.


An early look at Firefox 3.5

,----[ Quote ]
| On the other hand, after running Firefox for days and with multiple windows
| and tabs, I found that on both Windows and Linux, Firefox is finally not
| hogging memory. Even with the debugging code that must be in a beta, I found
| that Firefox is no longer leaking memory. That's good for both the browser's
| stability and its security.


Visual Polish in the Firefox 3.5 Themes

,----[ Quote ]
| We are now in the process of landing a few refreshed icons for the Firefox
| 3.5 themes.


Mozilla hangs fire on Firefox 3.5 till June

,----[ Quote ]
| A limited number of release candidates for Firefox 3.5 will be released
| before the final version of the software comes out, probably in around "two
| to three" months, Mozilla evangelist Chris Blizzard posted last Friday.

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