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Re: SCO rises from the dead

DFS <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Andrew Halliwell wrote:
>> DFS <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> "Yes, it does appear that in this case code was copied into Linux
>>> from older Unix versions.  But because the relevant ancestral code
>>> was released in open source by SCO/Caldera before it was
>>> incorporated, SCO/Caldera has no case here."
>> That's what RON SAID!
>> Why did you bother repeating it?
> No, that's not what he said.
> Besides which, it's not clear if the copying from Unix into Linux was done 
> by someone who knew the Unix code had already been open sourced.
> I "sense" and "have a feeling" they didn't know...

Caldera: a linux distribution.
They shipped versions of linux for YEARS before they bought SCO. Everything
they shipped was covered by various open source licenses including the GPL.

Just because they bought a company and changed their name didn't give them
the right to suddenly say "Now that we own the source, we're gonna sue you!"

They can't take back what was given. ESPECIALLY when you consider the
following goof.

They didn't pull their linux distro when they started the lawsuit.
It continued to be available for MONTHS afterwards.

So they were still giving away the linux that they were attempting to sue

GPL == No backsies.
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