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[News] Free Material Greater Than Realised, New Worked Overcharged for

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Orphan Works

,----[ Quote ]
| In practice, most pre-20th century in-copyright materials are 
| considered “ophan works” – items where the current copyright owners are 
| impossible to identify, or trace. However orphan work status may also apply 
| to more recently published works. The British Library, for example estimates 
| that 40% of in-copyright works are orphan works.    


Playing Music In A Nightclub Just Got Ridiculously More Expensive In Australia

,----[ Quote ]
| We've pointed out in the past how ridiculous it is to have "collections 
| societies" for music, which basically act as big bureaucracies for taxing any 
| kind of music usage. These societies -- both the for-profit and non-profit 
| ones -- have pretty much one goal and one goal only: to increase how much 
| money they get. So when you hear about new schemes, like Choruss, to set up a 
| new such collection society, you know it's just a blatant money grab, rather 
| than allowing for real business models to be developed. We've seen this all 
| over the world, with SoundExchange       



Happy Public Domain Day!

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael sez, "It's January 1st! Do you know what works are passing into the
| public domain in the life+50, and life+70 countries? Lots! Here in the USA
| (where basically nothing published in 1923 or later will ever enter the
| public domain, to protect Disney's 'Steamboat Willie'), only unpublished
| works of the life+70 class of authors enter the public domain. Whew. Thank
| goodness for small favors, right?. We can now expect the unpublished works of
| George Gershwin, H.P. Lovecraft, Amelia Earhart, J.M. Barrie, and John
| Davison Rockefeller (yeah right), among many others, to be free and clear of
| copyright encumbrances for those who wish to publish them. Boy, unpublished
| works! Wow! After 70 years since they died, there must be lots of those
| hanging around, right? Right?"          

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