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[News] Aussie-Style Orwell[ian]ism Comes to Germany

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Is Germany Following Australia Down The Slippery Slope Of Internet Censorship?

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| Via Slashdot we learn that Germany is the latest country to consider a 
| censorship regime that would create a blacklist of sites that ISPs would be 
| required to block. As with most such things, the official claim is that this 
| would be to block out child porn. Of course, this is a head-in-the-sand 
| approach to fighting child porn. It's about trying to pretend it's not there, 
| rather than tracking down those actually responsible     


The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany

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| Germany is on the verge of censoring its Internet: The government – a grand 
| coalition between the German social democrats and conservative party – seems 
| united in its decision: On Thursday the parliament is to vote on the erection 
| of an internet censorship architecture.    


Germany poised to impose police-run block list

,----[ Quote ]
| Germany’s main political parties have agreed the text of legislation designed 
| to enshrine the blocking of selected internet sites in law. 
| Critics of the plan insist that take down would be more effective – and 
| express concerns that however well-intentioned a block list, it would forever 
| be open to abuse by the state.  



Government official wants to bring Three Strikes to Germany

,----[ Quote ]
| Germany's Undersecretary of Culture Bernd Neumann wants to adopt a three
| strikes policy against file sharing similar to the one recently enacted in
| France. "We can't say that this is out of the question," Neumann told the
| audience of a media policy event of the German Christian-Democratic Union
| (CDU), according to heise.de.

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