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[News] Debate Over Mono in Ubuntu Linux Unresolved

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Mono in Ubuntu, Yes or No?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm not a .net developer, I don't need this. The second statement I though 
| was very presumptuous (to say the least). Mono is their "gift to the world" 
| and positioned to be the leading choice for Linux application developers? I'm 
| not a developer, and (laughing) I'm not a gift to planet earth (although I 
| like to think I am at times), but I suspect these statements are somewhat 
| boasting in nature? However, personal thought aside. Score 1 for the "Nos", 
| I'm not a .net developer, nor a Linux developer, so I don't need this.      


Idea #20257: Change Tomboy for Gnote. 



On Mono etc

,----[ Quote ]
| There's again a whole slew of arguments going back and forth about mono.
| Me, I don't use mono-based applications anymore. I used to be a Blam! user,
| until I found Liferea. I used to be an f-spot user, until I switched to
| digiKam. The reason, in both cases, was that the mono-based applications were
| much, much slower than their non-mono-based alternatives.


Getting to know Gnote

,----[ Quote ]
| What is a big deal is that Gnote does what I need it to do. The controvery
| surrounding it be hanged (and you can use your favourite search engine to
| learn about the controversy). I like Gnote. It’s useful. And until something
| better comes along, it’s going to be my note application of choice


The elusive, royalty-free patent licence for Mono

,----[ Quote ]
| How difficult or easy is it to obtain one of the much-touted "royalty-free,
| reasonable and non-discriminatory" licences for Microsoft patents that are
| part of a technology like Mono?
| Judging by the frequency with which references are made to such licences by
| those who back Novell vice-president Miguel de Icaza's bid to create an open
| source clone of Microsoft's .NET development environment, it's surprising
| that no-one has ever ventured to test this claim.
| The idea of trying to find out what was involved arose after reading a nearly
| nine-month old, well-written post defending the use of Mono and mocking its
| detractors. The author, Jo Shields, is a Debian developer and works for
| Oxford University.
| [...]
| He replied two days later, pointing out, "Ecma does not have anything to do
| with possible licensing of .NET. But Microsoft is one of our members, so I
| have asked them whom to contact there – if anything is needed, what I just do
| not know."
| Dr Sebestyn added: "My contact at Microsoft said that you should contact
| Peggy Moloney there, who would be able to help you."
| I wrote to Ms Moloney on April 28, asking for the same information: "I
| understand that the terms of the licences to the patents which Microsoft
| holds on the .NET development platform permit people to obtain a
| royalty-free, reasonable and non-discriminatory licence to use them. I would
| be grateful if you let me know exactly how one obtains such a licence."
| I also asked her about the variance in the terms for the licensing of
| Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, using which the company hopes
| to capture the market that is dominated by Adobe's Flash. De Icaza is behind
| this project as well.
| [...]
| There's a been a deafening silence since then. There the matter stands after
| nearly a month. You would think that's a decent period for anyone to think
| things through and respond - if the intention of doing so exists.
| To me, it looks this licence is as real as the unicorn. Or maybe Santa Claus.
| I think Mono fans need to think of a fresh defence when people talk about the
| dangers of patent suits arising over this technology. The licence talk has
| worn more than a little thin.

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