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[News] New GNU/Linux and Free Software Events in Paris, Vancouver, and Clemson University

  • Subject: [News] New GNU/Linux and Free Software Events in Paris, Vancouver, and Clemson University
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 12:26:10 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Event: FOSS Fans to Gather at Open World Forum in Paris

,----[ Quote ]
| Forget Paris in the spring. Do it in the Fall this year, particularly if you 
| are involved, interested or even vaguely curious about open source software. 
| That's because in October, the second Open World Forum with the Open Source 
| Think Tank will take place in Paris and bring together the key global players 
| in the Free, Libre and Open Software (FLOSS) community.  


Open Web Vancouver 2009: Open Source Business

,----[ Quote ]
| Liza Kindred of Lullabot (news, site) began her talk at the Open Web 
| Vancouver conference on open source business with a video of Dr. Vandana 
| Shiva discussing saving seeds to preserve the right of farmers to grow their 
| crops the way they have for thousands of years. Dr. Shiva referred to this 
| practice of preserving traditional knowledge as open seeds, and compared it 
| to open source.     


LinuxFest to highlight open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Twenty of the biggest brains in open-source software will descend on Clemson 
| University Saturday for the SouthEast LinuxFest. Open-source programs differ 
| from commercial software in that the former can be tweaked by virtually 
| anyone. And they're free.   
| The open-source alternative for Windows, for instance, is Linux. A popular 
| open-source alternative for Internet Explorer is Firefox. Several cell phones 
| run on open-source platforms.  



Americas: Looking Forward to Central America Open-Source Software Festival

,----[ Quote ]
| The Central American Open-Source Software Festival [es] (ECSL09 for its
| initials in Spanish) will take place on June 17-21 in Estelí, Nicaragua. This
| will be the first opportunity for many enthusiasts of open-source and free
| software from across Central America to come together to share experiences,
| promote their projects, establish common objectives, and to find ways to work
| together. The schedule of events [es] includes workshops and panels where
| different members from communities will lead and participate in these
| activities.


Cobos Project: The Open Source Cobol / Mainframe Factory - Wed. 24th June at
3:00 pm (GMT), 9:00 am (EDT)

,----[ Quote ]
| As in certain commercial Mainframe solutions found in the market, but often
| at a dissuasive price, the Cobos Project enables developers to work locally:
| the required source files (Cobol, CICS, DB2) are downloaded on Eclipse then
| reloaded on the mainframe following the intervention of the developer, who
| can work totally autonomously on an economical workstation.


OpenConferenceWare is Beautiful Software for Events

,----[ Quote ]
| An open source development team in Portland, Oregon has released
| OpenConferenceWare, a sophisticated free package for processing event session
| proposals and displaying event schedules.


The SouthEast LinuxFest

,----[ Quote ]
| The SouthEast LinuxFest is a community event for anyone who wants to learn
| more about Linux and Free & Open Source software. It is part educational
| conference, and part social gathering. Like Linux itself, it is shared with
| attendees of all skill levels to communicate tips, ideas, and to benefit all
| who use Linux/Free and Open Source Software. LinuxFest is the place to learn,
| to make new friends, to network with new business partners, and most
| importantly, to have fun!



,----[ Quote ]
| LinuxTag is the most important place for Linux and open source software in
| Europe. In 2009, the 15th LinuxTag presents news for professional users,
| decision makers, developers, beginners and the Linux community - from 24th
| until 27th June on the Fairground in Berlin.


Linux Professional Institute's 10th Anniversary at LinuxTag Berlin (June 24-27,

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux
| certification organization (http://wwwlpi.org), announced a program of events
| and activities at LinuxTag, Berlin, Germany (June 24-27, 2009) in celebration
| of the organization's 10th anniversary.


Grid solutions track at Linux Days, 5 June, Geneva, Switzerland

,----[ Quote ]
| Can grid technology give your company a competitive advantage? The Grid
| Solutions Track organized by the EGEE Business Forum, 5 June 2009, during
| LinuxDays 2009 is designed to illustrate how IT strategists from both the
| private and public sectors can benefit by adopting grid computing.
| “EGEE is now in a position to take a variety of solutions to the market
| through several commercial companies offering gLite based solutions,” says
| Steven Newhouse, Technical Director of EGEE. “This ‘Grid Solutions’ track is
| a prime opportunity to showcase what EGEE and gLite has to offer.”


LinuxCon promises to bridge developer and business communities

,----[ Quote ]
| As the founder and program chair for the Open Source Business Conference, I
| know what a business conference looks like. And as a regular attendee of the
| excellent O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), I know what a great
| developer event looks like, too.
| But this year's inaugural LinuxCon, put on by the business and
| developer-friendly Linux Foundation, is trying to bring the two worlds
| together this September in Portland.


LinuxCon is Taking Shape, With An Impressive Speaker Roster


Its that time of year again - Software Freedom Day 2009 - Dundee

,----[ Quote ]
| Well its come to that time of year again, that we are starting plan's for
| this years Software Freedom Day. Which will be held on the 19th of September.
| I have sent you this email because you where either involved with last years
| event or you have shown some interest in being involved with this years
| event.
| [...]
| Arron Finnon President Abertay Linux Society


Microsoft Cancels 2009 BI Conference, Schedules It For Every Two Years

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing the recession and cutbacks in travel budgets, Microsoft has canceled
| this year's October Microsoft BI Conference, according to a posting on the
| company's Web site blog.


Microsoft calls off summer picnic, cites need to reduce expenses

,----[ Quote ]
| "The big reason is to pay attention to costs," said Lou Gellos, a Microsoft
| spokesman.



Putting lipstick on a cancelled PDC pig

,----[ Quote ]
| With Microsoft not wanting to talk publicly about anything other than
| Windows Visa on the client side of the house, there might have been a
| serious dearth of content at PDC 2007.

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