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[News] Open Access Makes Progress, Sharing Encouraged

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The argument for gold OA support

,----[ Quote ]
| Are green and gold open access independent of each other? In particular, is 
| worry about gold OA a waste of time, and are expenditures on it a waste of 
| money? Stevan Harnad has brought up this issue in response to a recent talk I 
| gave at Cal Tech, and in particular my remarks about a potential “open access 
| compact”. I will take this opportunity to explain why I think that the answer 
| to both questions is “no”.     


ETD2009: The Semantic Scientific Thesis

,----[ Quote ]
| My arguments will be that almost all theses are created with the “book” 
| or “journal” metaphor and based on flat text, flat images and little if any 
| linking or semantics. This is an increasingly outdated way of communicating 
| to humans in today’s pervasive web where we learn to interact with 
| information from the cradle upwards.    


Ecology, Economics, Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the things that interests me at the moment is the way open source 
| ideas are proving hugely useful when considering areas like economics and 
| environmentalism  



Estimating Information Production and the Size of the Public Domain

,----[ Quote ]
| To illustrate, here are some results based on the catalogue of Cambridge
| University Library which is one of the UK’s “copyright libraries” (i.e. they
| have a right to obtain, though not an obligation to hold, one copy of every
| book published in the UK). This first plot shows the numbers of publications
| per year up until 1960 (when the dataset ends) based on the publication date
| recorded in the catalogue.


Are Commercial Buildings Ready for Open-Source Energy Management?

,----[ Quote ]
| Picture the lighting and chillers of commercial buildings being controlled by
| a system designed in the same way as Mozilla’s Firefox — through open source,
| the collaborative method of developing software source code. While we’ve
| covered open source-based home area energy management systems, the OpenLynx
| project, started by Anno Scholten, vice president of business development for
| NovusEdge, is looking to tackle the underlying software that controls the
| energy consumption of massive commercial buildings.


Online Educational Resources in Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, Amanda Coolidge (British Columbia Institute of Technology) joins us
| and talks about what’s happening with Open Educational Resources (OER) in
| Africa. Down the line, she’ll be blogging about OER in other parts of the
| world as well. Take it away Amanda.


Transparency of politicians’ expenses goes global

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow - the MPs’ expenses story has taken off in a way I never predicted.
| That’s part of the reason I’ve not been posting regularly (not that I’ve ever
| been a prolific blogger). But in the past month, I’ve been inundated with
| interview requests from all over the world. Apart from the British media,
| I’ve been in Le Monde in France, El Pais in Spain, CNN and the New York Times
| in the USA plus various other newspapers, TV and radio from Japan, Italy,
| Germany, Romania, New Zealand, Australia, Greece and Chile.


Open Access. Chapter 6 of Scholarly Communication for Librarians.


Free Courses Online: More Choices Than Ever

,----[ Quote ]
| We've written about free e-learning resources and tools, such as Moodle,
| several times here on OStatic, as well as collections of open source
| tutorials. Many universities are picking up on the fact that it is easy to
| use free, open source tools such as Moodle to provide classes online that
| anyone can take. U.C. Berkeley provides free online classes based on Moodle,
| and M.I.T. has a collection of over 1,900 free courses on its
| MITOpenCourseware site, many on tech topics. MITWorld also has a searchable
| database of free, educational videos. Here are some notable examples of
| classes and seminars that may be of interest to you.


Questions for the European Parliament from the research community concerning
Open Access

,----[ Quote ]
| Researchers are paid directly or indirectly through governmental funding.
| They work in publicly-funded institutions and universities. They exchange
| their findings through refereed journal articles: this exchange is an
| absolute necessity for the progress of their research.


Another Reason We Need Open Access

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the more laughable reasons that traditional science publishers cite in
| their attempts to rubbish open access is that it's somehow not so rigorous
| as "their" kind of publishing. There's usually a hint that standards might be
| dropped, and that open access journals aren't, well, you know, quite proper.


Merck Makes Phony Peer-Review Journal

,----[ Quote ]
| It is this attitude within companies like Merck and among doctors that allows
| scandals precisely like this to happen. While the scandals with Merck and
| Vioxx are particularly egregious, we know they are not isolated incidents.
| This one is just particularly so. If physicians would not lend their names or
| pens to these efforts, and publishers would not offer their presses, these
| publications could not exist. What doctors would have as available data would
| be peer-reviewed research and what pharmaceutical companies produce from
| their marketing departments--actual advertisements.


Merck And Elsevier Exposed For Creating Fake Peer Review Journal

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing that you can do when everything
| is locked up and proprietary, rather than open. There's almost no way to
| confirm or check the data or information to make sure it's legit, so people
| tend to assume it is. In that regard, perhaps it's no surprise that the two
| companies eventually went down this road, but it does highlight one of the
| problems with the way the system works today. As Shirky later points out this
| is hardly unique for a firm like Elsevier, which has faced some serious
| ethical questions regarding its publications in the past as well.



The serials crisis has a name, and it's Reed Elsevier.

,----[ Quote ]
| Mind you, I don't mean to imply that we should launch another boycott;
| reigning in Elsevier's profit margins and/or market share would do little to
| offset the serials crisis. The only answer to that, in the long term, is Open
| Access, because it scales where Toll access doesn't. No, this entry is not
| really about OA at all, it's just a little kick in the shins for my favorite
| Greedy Bastard Publishers.


Elsevier steals, then copyrights other people's free stuff

,----[ Quote ]
| Reed Elsevier caught copying my content without my permission:
|     I was not asked for, and did not give, permission for my work to appear
|     on that page, much less in that format. Needless to say, I felt a little
|     slighted.
|     The website in question appears to be a custom version of the LexisNexis
|     search engine. This particular version appears to be Elsevier's own
|     custom version, intended for internal use. I don't have conclusive proof
|     of that, but the title bar at the top of the page reads, "Elsevier
|     Corporate", and the person who accessed my blog from that page had an IP
|     address that's registered to MD Consult, which is an Elsevier subsidiary.
|     My guess is that Elsevier's keeping track of news articles and blog posts
|     that mention them, along with the context in which they're mentioned.
| [...]
| Reed Elsevier Is Stealing My Words:
|     I received an email from ScienceBlogling Mike Dunford that Reed Elsevier
|     had excerpted one of my posts. No problem there--I like it when people
|     read my stuff....except for one thing:
|     The fuckers copyrighted my words.
| Copyright violation?:
|     Apparently, publishing companies don't always get permission for the
|     materials they use, either. Mike Dunford caught Reed Elsevier copying his
|     content without permission (from Stephen Downes).

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