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[News] Free/Open Source Software Invades Governments

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The Source Code of Power

,----[ Quote ]
| Tom Watson is that rare thing: a net-savvy MP. So his decision to step down 
| as minister means that our loss is all the greater.  


Ex-government CIO favours publishing Gateway reviews

,----[ Quote ]
| Former government CIO Ian Watmore has told MPs he favours publishing Gateway 
| reviews - although he recognises that government policy is to keep them 
| confidential.  


About Reusing Open Source in Italian Public Administrations

,----[ Quote ]
| During the Public Administrations Innovator barcamp I have been interviewed 
| by Cogo Gigi, one of the organizers, to talk about sustainable innovation in 
| software for public administrations.  


Vancouver becomes role model for open source in government

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source activists are praising the Open Data, Open Standards and Open 
| Source motion passed by the City of Vancouver last month. City Councillor 
| Andrea Reimer provides an update on what to expect next.   



Open government requires pragmatic approach, advocate says

,----[ Quote ]
| Chris Messina applauds the City of Vancouver for endorsing the principles of
| open-source software, open standards, and open data.
| But the open-Web advocate told the Georgia Straight that, for council’s
| decision on May 21 to have a real impact, the city must clearly define what
| these terms mean.


Federal Government To Upgrade Open-Source NHIN Connect Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federal Health Architecture is planning to significantly upgrade its
| Connect software that links organizations to the Nationwide Health
| Information Network, Government Health IT reports.


Vancouver enters the age of the open city

,----[ Quote ]
| BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Vancouver endorses the principles of:
| * Open and Accessible Data - the City of Vancouver will freely share with
| citizens, businesses and other jurisdictions the greatest amount of data
| possible while respecting privacy and security concerns;
| * Open Standards - the City of Vancouver will move as quickly as possible to
| adopt prevailing open standards for data, documents, maps, and other formats
| of media;
| * Open Source Software - the City of Vancouver, when replacing existing
| software or considering new applications, will place open source software on
| an equal footing with commercial systems during procurement cycles; and


City of Vancouver set to back open source, open standards, open data

,----[ Quote ]
| Mayor Gregor Robertson and Coun. Andrea Reimer want the City of Vancouver to
| support open-source software and open standards.

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