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[News] Desktop GNU/Linux Upgrades and Installs Reliably

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Squeezing Lenny didn't make a lemon. 

,----[ Quote ]
| The new testing distribution, which is code named squeeze/sid, is quite 
| different from stable. They have done away with kde3 and moved to kde4 so it 
| was quite a large upgrade. In the end everything worked out. I didn't trash 
| my computer and it provided its web services, chat services, database and 
| other services with no interruptions apart from the kernel reboot and the 
| actual service restart when upgraded. I was very impressed with it all. I 
| didn't even lose my ssh connection once and after the reboot I could log 
| straight back in.       


Install it forward

,----[ Quote ]
| As for me, I have installed another netbook with Ubuntu yesterday and another 
| one scheduled for installation. Let us make it motto for Ubuntu, "Install it 
| forward!"   



Upgrade to Jaunty

,----[ Quote ]
| The main reason I updated when I did was actually because of a known bug in
| Intrepid when downloading files and the bug report indicated it wouldn’t be
| fixed. This pretty much made downloading podcasts with Rhythmbox pointless.
| Having updated, I’m reasonably satisfied with both the process and the
| results. I’m not looking for “awesome new features” or the like – my system
| works largely the way I like. I want more of what I already have, it terms of
| stability and ease of configuration. I’m not so interested in totally new
| features (though I like to check them out).

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