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[News] Linux Vendors Rally Around x86 Sub-notebooks

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Ubuntu and Moblin Linux to work together

,----[ Quote ]
| I knew there was going to be big Linux netbook news coming out of the 
| Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, but I didn't know it was going to be 
| this big. Sources at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, tell me that 
| Canonical will be announcing new partnerships with Intel, SanDisk, and 
| RealNetworks. To me, the biggest news is that Canonical will be demonstrating 
| the Moblin version of the UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix).      


MontaVista Supports Broad Embedded Ecosystem with Moblin v2  

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, 
| today announced continued support of Moblin, an optimized open source Linux  
| software stack and application framework. MontaVista Linux 6 Market Specific 
| Distributions (MSDs) based on Moblin Version 2 for Intel® Atom™ 
| processor-based platforms help embedded developers bring commercial devices 
| to market quickly and cost-effectively, incorporating the robust Internet and 
| media capabilities offered by Moblin v2.      



Ballmer: GNU/Linux Will Win on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| I think this is a very frank analysis of the problem for Microsoft: after
| all, who's going to pay extra money just to get the Windows logo on a
| netbook, when they can get the same features for less with free software...?


One Third of Dell Inspiron Mini 9s Sold Run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell attributes part of the Linux growth to competitive pricing on the Ubuntu
| SKUs. “When you look at the sweet spot for this category it is price
| sensitivity, and Linux enabled us to offer a lower price entry point,” added
| Dell senior product manager John New.

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