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[News] Sun Calls for the Netherlands to Prevent Collusion with Microsoft

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Forcing Dutch procurement to be transparent

,----[ Quote ]
| You may remember last September I published an interview with crusading Dutch 
| IT journalist Brenno de Winter. During our meeting, we discussed the sorry 
| state of ICT procurement in Europe and the findings from a research group 
| that many tenders illegally specified products rather than technologies.    



Savoir-Fair Linux, Inc. sues Quebec government agency over Microsoft

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| [PJ: It's in French, but the general translation is that you can find at the 
| link the documents regarding a lawsuit a company called Savoir-Faire Linux, 
| Inc. has filed in the Superior Court of Quebec against the government's 
| pension plan for choosing Microsoft software without putting the job out 
| publicly for bid. It seems the law in Quebec is very strict that the 
| government is supposed to publish an invitation to tender for any acquisition 
| of more than $25,000, and this job was a good deal more than that.      
| I gather Savoir-Faire Linux's position is that only open standards, formats 
| and protocols are suitable to match the demands of a public market policy 
| upholding four fundamental principles: act in an transparent way, favor 
| strong competition, favor local economic development, get the best overall 
| cost.]    

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