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[News] Digium Makes Business from Its Free Software

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Digium® Launches Support Services for Open Source Asterisk®  

,----[ Quote ]
| Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced the general 
| availability of support subscriptions for open source Asterisk. The software, 
| which Digium’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Mark Spencer, created 
| and released under the open source GNU General Public License (GPL) 10 years 
| ago, is now the world’s most pervasive open source telephony platform. The 
| new Asterisk support services allow organizations of any size to leverage the 
| power of open source Asterisk with the confidence that their system is 
| supported by a world-class support organization. The support subscriptions 
| provide technical support, hardware replacements and substantial discounts on 
| training programs to enable users to take full advantage of the power of the 
| Asterisk platform.           


Free software means business.

Job Trends: Tomcat, Spring, Weblogic, JBoss, EJB

,----[ Quote ]
| Forrester recently described a trend that they refer to as "lean software" in 
| their paper entitled Lean Software Is Agile, Fit-To-Purpose, And Efficient. 
| They state that "lean software is emerging as the antidote to bloatware" and 
| that "the trend toward lean software has been building for years, but the 
| worldwide recession is accelerating it".    



Linux Courses Increase Job Options for Techs

,----[ Quote ]
| For software programmers and developers worried about layoffs and job
| security in these tough economic times, the answer may be as clear as the
| screen on your cell phone. That's because manufacturers of small consumer
| equipment like cell phones and PDAs need programmers trained in embedded
| Linux to hand-tune the product's software code.


Open Source Toolkit for Job Hunters

,----[ Quote ]
| Once you are in the interview process with an organization, you may be asked
| to do a presentation to prove your knowledge and skills. (Even if you're not,
| you might want to think about doing one.) KPresenter 1.6.1 is the open source
| presentations part of the KOffice suite. This project is excellent for
| combining text and graphics into slides either for on-screen presentation or
| handouts. If your potential employer has you interviewing with a globally
| dispersed team, you can use KPresenter to put your presentation online using
| the HTML slideshow functionality, allowing everyone to see your presentation
| easily.


Where the Tech Jobs Are, Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| "In a recession, headcount looks like a cost center, but open source can turn
| employees into profit centers -- or, at worst, into less costly cost
| centers," he said.
| "For example, let's say an enterprise needs [an enterprise content
| management] system, perhaps for outsourcing documentation or to build a new
| catalog system -- or perhaps for a workflow system around approval of
| executive documents. Traditional IT would invite vendors to do a dog-and-pony
| show," Asay explained, "ultimately culminating in a purchase of software
| licenses and services to make the licenses useful to the enterprise." The IT
| staffer is then mostly responsible for coordinating others' efforts, and the
| associated expenses.
| An open source savvy IT person, by contrast, would download an open source
| ECM solution and tweak it to save the company license and services
| fees -- "and the risk that the software wouldn't work as advertised," said
| Asay.


Training program to create 100,000 jobs

,----[ Quote ]
| LUPA (Leadership of Open Source University Promotion Alliance), a Chinese
| open source software community, plans to initiate a training project for the
| country's computer and software graduates as low-cost open source software
| development is gaining popularity in the current financial crisis.


Linux and your worth in the Job Market

,----[ Quote ]
| As bad as the economy is right now, there are quite a few jobs out there.
| Especially for Linux System Administrators/Engineers!


Gameloft Moves 1,000 Desktops to Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| “It’s been a pretty big deployment, well over 1000 desktops and it’s been a
| huge success,” crows the source. “Ubuntu does the same job [as Windows] for
| zero cash. The most painful thing about the change over was moving to
| Thunderbird from Outlook. No one has batted an eyelid about moving to Gnome.”

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