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[News] 10 Free Books on Free Software, The Joomla! CMS Story

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10 open source books worth downloading 

,----[ Quote ]
| Free and open source software is all about sharing so, prompted by a reader 
| who emailed me last week to ask about books on Linux, I spent some time over 
| the weekend doing research. The result is a short list of books that users - 
| from newbies to gurus - can download and read at their leisure. There are 
| many more books than just these available online but I chose to limit the 
| list to books that could be downloaded in full. I also chose a wide range of 
| books, from introductions to Linux, books on implementing open source in 
| schools and in Africa, to books that defined the evolution of free software.       


State of the Project Report: Joomla! Web CMS

,----[ Quote ]
| The original intent was to use the GNU Public License (GPL) for Joomla! 
| However, there was an entire ecosystem of proprietary extensions around the 
| open source CMS, with many people making their entire living from these 
| extensions.   
| In 2005, the core team had a member of the OSM board write up a rider, 
| granting an exception for these extension developers to use any license they 
| wanted.  
| This rider was added in May 2006, but that wasn't the end of the issue. Over 
| the next year, the core team began to worry that exceptions were not in fact 
| legal within some interpretations of the GPL and may put the project in 
| jeopardy. On June 14, 2007, the official announcement "Open Source Does 
| Matter" appeared, re-committing Joomla! to full GPL compliance and promising 
| that the road would not be littered with lawsuits or snap decisions.     



Linux.SYS-CON.com Q&A with Lead Developer of Joomla!, Andrew Eddie

,----[ Quote ]
| In September, core developers of Mambo, the popular open source content
| management system, announced a fork of the project, called Joomla!, with
| virtually all active participants following the fork.
| I caught up with Andrew Eddie, lead developer of the new Joomla!, to find out
| more about the decision to fork the Mambo project, and to find out how things
| are going so far.


The Pros and Cons of Using Joomla!

,----[ Quote ]
| Joomla! is a content management system you can use to build websites faster
| than you ever imagined. Read more about the pluses and minuses of using
| Joomla!


Portrait: Louis Landry of Joomla! finds direction in FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| For Louis Landry, a member of the core team for the Joomla! management
| system, free and open source software (FOSS) is not just a hobby, nor just
| the technology behind Jxtended, the consulting business in which he is a
| partner. For Landry, FOSS is also the movement that gave him direction in
| life, and provides both the rationale and the outlet for his diverse
| interests. In fact, he is so enthusiastic about FOSS that he sounds like an
| evangelist for the community whenever it is mentioned.


Joomla! and the latest trends in the open source revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| As of February 2008, the official Joomla support forum, moderated by Brad
| Baker, has more than 260,000 threads and 1.2 million posts from more than
| 170,000 registered members in 40 languages.



Joomla Awarded Best Open Source CMS

,----[ Quote ]
| The Joomla team has been having a great year and it seems the end
| is no where in sight.


Ladies and Gentlemen... [Joomla! 1.5]

,----[ Quote ]
| It is with great pride that the Joomla! community announces to the world the
| immediate availability of Joomla! 1.5 Stable [Khepri].  As a community of
| contributors, we have been through celebrations and tribulations. We have had
| fun, and we have worked hard. We have learned from and helped one another.
| What started two and a half years ago with a letter to the community has
| grown into a great opportunity for both the Joomla! project and community to
| benefit from these efforts and to consider our future.


Joomla! - the licence stays the same

,----[ Quote ]
| Christopher Justice says: "...we haven't changed the license and we
| have no plans to.  We have raised the visibility of the GPL and we're
| encouraging a better understanding of the GPL. It is our view that
| extensions are derivative works and therefore we encourage all
| extensions to be GPL compliant. The Joomla! community has grown to
| over 110,000 members with the same license and a huge community of
| commercial and non-commercial developers. There are some non-GPL
| compliant extensions but the majority of the extensions available
| are GPL. As the project continues to grow, we'll focus more on GPL
| extensions to build a stronger and more open project and community."

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